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Fishpeople Seafood, Requires no Refrigeration with Trackable Ingredients

Welcome to a new concept of trackable sustainable food that families will feel proud to have on their table. Fishpeople Seafood is an exceptional brand of restaurant quality seafood meals. I had the opportunity to sample some of the options that they carry, and I must say I was very impressed.

wild salmon

The company strives to create a brand that families will feel comfortable purchasing. Therefore, they came up with a rather brilliant idea. Each package of Fishpeople Seafood is completely trackable! That means you can look up the EXACT fishermen who caught your dinner! I love that concept because it personalizes the experience, and ensures that there is no funky business happening with the ingredients.

Fishpeople Seafood exclusively harvests 11 Pacific Northwest sustainable seafood varieties to ensure that the company is not hurting the environment.

Offers protein-packed meals, rich in healthy Omega 3’s with flavor profiles to satisfy discerning palates on the go. Fishpeople seafood meals are in accordance with the FDA’s low mercury guidelines.

Meals are prepared in pouches that can be microwaves or cooked on a stove top in boiling water. Take 90 seconds to heat up.

Offers a unique “Freshseal” poaching pouch that utilizes technology similar to pressure-cooking, which releases distinct, delicious flavor upon opening and keeps the scrumptious seafood dishes shelf-stable for 18 months without refrigeration.

Fishpeople Seafood is committed to ensuring our Seas are properly fished, and safely harvested. They care about the health of our Oceans, and do what ever they can to ensure marine habitats are protected.


Is now available nationally at retailers including Whole Foods, Fred Meyer, QFC, Safeway, PCC, Albertsons and Bartells,  etc.


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