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Mockmill For KitchenAid

There are many benefits to owning the Mockmill For Kitchenaid, the greatest is the ability to grind fresh flour for baked goods.

mockmill for kitchenaid

As most of you know I started this site back in 2011 as a frugal and couponing site. I saw a need in my community to help people learn to use coupons but also to live within their means while not sacrificing the little things in life they loved so much. I love saving money but I also love good food. It is with that goal that I agreed to review a Mockmill for Kitchenaid Flour Grinder. I received the attachment to review to share with my readers my experience. Grinding your own flours is a great way to ensure freshness and to lower food costs. I also love the idea of knowing what’s in my food.

mockmill attachment

One of my most used kitchen appliances is my KitchenAid Stand Mixer. I use it for the most basic tasks to more advanced cooking techniques. It’s is by far my most used appliance, and not only is it great for making large batches of cookies during the holidays, its also great for making quick biscuits for everyday meals. I think the best part of owning a Kitchen Aid Mixer is the attachments you can use with it. The available attachments make using the Kitchenaid mixer a lot more fun because it diversifies the cooking experience. I am really excited to share with you the amazing benefits of this flour mill.

mockmill kitchenaid attachment


When I received my Mockmill for Kitchenaid I was so excited that I told my family and friends about it. They did not understand why I was so excited for an attachment. A couple of my friends have other kitchen aid attachments but they had never heard of home grain mills. They sure are missing out. With winter coming up I will be baking a lot more, and they will get to taste the tasty baked goods I will be making. Like I said above, I like knowing what goes into my food, and this attachment allows me to more easily do that. This Mockmill attachments means I get even more control over what goes into my body.


I like to give my kids the best food possible, and that means cooking from scratch at home.  The Mockmill attachment makes baking easier. It is easy to set up. There is a silver nob on the front of your kitchen aid stand mixer that you remove. Then you attach the grain mill attachment where that nob used to be. There is a screw inside where the attachment fits, and after a while using the grain mill you will need to tighten that to secure the attachment again since it sometimes gets loose from the friction.

kitchenaid nob attached

Are you wondering why you would want a Mockmill? Well, the attachment allows you to grind fresh grains into flour. Fresh is better because it has more flavor, breads come out less dense, more fluffy, and overall home made just tastes a whole lot better. The most important thing for me was being able to know what’s going into my baked goods and the cost cutting benefits that this mill gives me. The Mockmill Attachment allows me to control not only the ingredients I put into my baked goods but the freshness of those grains as well. Store bought flours go rancid if not used right away. The mockmill for kitchenaid reduces waste and costs less because you are able to grind small batches that will be used more quickly.

Farro for grain mill

I have been grinding my own nut butters for about a year now, and have been looking for a flour grinder for a couple months. When I looked into it though I saw that they are not cheap. You cannot get a decent stand alone grinder for less than $300, and it won’t even be half as decent as the Mockmill Attachment. Not to mention the stand alone machines are huge. I live in an apartment with limited counter space, so a stand alone machine was not an option for me.

Why Should You Grind Your Own Flours

  • it leaves in the nutrients that store bought baked goods are missing – this is because the process of manufactured goods removes all of the important nutrients.
  • its cheaper than buying organic- ever see the organic section of your grocery store?
  • better taste with no preservatives or harmful chemicals found in store bought baked goods.

mockmill grains

So what kinds of grains can you grind in the Kitchen Aid Mockmill Attachment? You can grind any type of grain including rice, wheat berries, and Farro.

Cost /Value of Using a Mockmill for Kitchenaid

  • It is the only Kitchenaid attachment on that market (that I am aware of) that grinds flour
  • Space saving – it is compact and can be put away when not in use
  • It is less expensive than buying organic specialty flours from the store
  • You can grind up specialty flours that are hard to find – soft wheat berries and Farro for example
  • Freshness and Convenience – you can choose how much you want to grind

Do you have a KitchenAid? Do you love the idea of Fresh Ingredients in your recipes? What about knowing what’s in your food. How about making your own Flour? The checkout allows you to do just that! Now through the 31st you can Save $80.00 on a Mockmill!


mockmill starter kit

Mockmill Grain Milling Attachment for Stand Mixers

2# Each of the following quality whole grain berries

Maine Grains Organic Rye Berries
Breadtopia Ancient Spelt Wheat Berries
Breadtopia Heirloom Red Fife Wheat Berries
Maine Grains Organic Oat Groats

“Flour Power” by Marleeta Basey, a comprehensive introduction to the benefits of home milling.

There is also a Mockmill Gluten Free package, which includes

A selection of gluten-free grains for home milling and baking

  • Hazzard Free Farms  Floriani Flint Corn, 32oz.
  • Maskal Brown Teff, 16oz.
  • Breadtopia Organic Buckwheat, 24oz.

“Flour Power” by Marleeta Basey, a comprehensive introduction to the benefits of home milling.

Don’t forget to to use the code “emilysfrugaltips ” at checkout, and receive $80 off your purchase, making it just $179!

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