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Build-A-Bear Valentines Bears, Plus a Giveaway


Valentine is this Friday. Do you have plans set in motion? Are you going out with your significant other or staying home as a family?

Whatever you are doing this Friday Build-A-Bear would like to come a long for the ride. Did you know they have an assortment of special bears this Valentines day to meet everyone’s needs.

Children love Build-A-Bear, it’s the perfect gift and requires NO chocolate or candy. Give a child a BAB and you have made their day, probably their month or even year.

Build-A-Bear has 15 bears and different animals in Valentine theme this year. Lots of cuteness surrounding these adorable animals.

My daughter chose to review Big Top Bearemy and her plan was to give him to her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day but once it arrived she couldn’t part ways with it because it was so adorable. The bear is currently chilling in bed with her and I doubt he’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Big Top Bearemy is $18 comes naked but even without clothes on he is cute. His clothes definitely make the Valentine theme though and are as follows

Tuxedo T-shirt ($7), Classic Jeans ($5), and Black Canvas High-Tops ($7.50). Together, this darling duo makes the perfect gift. Plus you can add a Rose Bouquet ($3.50) to any furry friend!

If you get all of the above he comes out looking like this


and if you would prefer a female bear she is available and is called Big Hearts Bear for $18. She also comes undresses and has the following accessories

Big Hearts Bear is ready for a date in her favorite Red Ruffle Dress ($12.50), Red Sparkle Bow Flats ($7.50), Sequin Heart Purse ($5) and Red Sequin Bows ($3, 2 piece).

If dressed to impress in all the above she comes out looking like this

female bear

Build-A-Bear was generous enough to offer my readers a giveaway worth $25! Please go to this link

Click HERE for $25 Build-A-Bear Giveaway


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