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Freya Skincare Line – Review of a New Innovative Scandanavian Product Line For Women

Created with Scandinavian women’s beauty in mind a new skincare line was developed to bring all women a product line that would hold back the time of aging and enhance the natural beauty every women has.

Freya Skin Care was created with ingredients found within Scandinavian nature to heal and beautify women’s skin. The product line contains 5 products ranging from $45 to $130.

cleansing water

Freya Artic Cleansing Water – $45

  • Rejuvenate your skin, leaving it youthfully clean and refreshed.
  • Our proprietary blend of Arctic Antioxidants, sea salts and minerals protect and re-energize the skin while providing calming moisture.

eye cream

Freya Firming Eye Cream – $85

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimizes dark circles and undereye puffiness
  • Optimally hydrates the eye area to prevent the formation of fine lines.

day cream

  • Nano Omega-3s deliver superior hydration by penetrating 20 layers deep into the skin.
  • Arctic Antioxidants provide a potent defense system against free radicals, minimizing their aging effects on skin.
  • LEXA™’s natural healing properties stimulate skin’s stem cells for youthful looking, radiant skin

night cream

  • Restores skin’s natural radiance
  • Reduces inflammation and redness
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


  • dramatic visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • improved skin tone, reducing redness and the appearance of age spots
  • imparts an ageless radiance and luminosity

Freya Skin care products would make a great mother’s day present or even a treat for yourself. In case you would like all five of the products they do sell the products in a gift set.

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