Liquid Amino Diet – Week One, Starting

Last year I reviewed the Liquid Amino Diet and lost 13 pounds. At that time I really didn’t stick to it as well as I should have and ended up quitting. I really wanted to give it another chance because I believe it’s not just another diet fad, it’s a way of life that works if you stick to it and learn to change your ways.

Liquid Amino Diet has different stages, the first stage is basically a low fat, low calorie, low glycemic diet for 30 days and then you move onto a larger calorie count with healthy fats and some carbs added back in. Exercise is encouraged but it doesn’t have to be hard core exercise. You can do daily walks or life light weights, whatever you want or feel comfortable with.

There’s been many, many people who have had great success with it. Lots of big weight loss stories, and this person (in the video) is a great success story that inspires me

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This time I thought having a partner would help me stay on track so I recruited my mom. Together mom and me are going to work towards losing weight and becoming healthier. I’m going to transform my kitchen from processed foods to whole, natural unprocessed foods for the entire family.

We’ll update you periodically about our success. If you would like to give Liquid Amino diet a try you can save $9 by using promo code EFT9.