Revolt Detox – Week 2

Okay, so I am already behind on my posting but wanted to share with you what happened during detox and week 2 of Revolt Fitness. As you know my husband completed the 12 week program and lost several inches off of his waistline, so I wanted to give the exercise program a try. I am doing the 30 day fitness challenge that goes from June to July.

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Detox Week

Diet: Detox week consists of LOTS of egg whites, baby spinach, chicken breast and sirloin steak. There’s a couple other things that I am forgetting but that is the gist of it. the end result is lots of water weight lost. So I’m not going to lie to you, Detox week was HELL. I wanted to eat sugar and I missed my Starbucks coffee so much that I did end up having it 3 times during detox week . A new detox starts the first week of July and it is my goal to complete it without cheats. Total lost during detox week is 4 pounds so I guess I didn’t do too bad!

Exercise: We’re doing tabatas this uprising and they are HARD. When I am done with my workout I can barely get myself off of the floor. I am not able to do certain things that easily, such as walking planks and T Thrusters but I kept at it and towards the end of the week it began to get easier on me.

Week 2

Diet:  The diet this week was yummy! Nichole’s recipes are really good and easy to prep on Sundays for the week ahead of me.

Exercise: The tabata saga continues and reports of drenching in sweat and near death experiences are all over the Revolt groups this week. People are saying the tabatas are really tough and I would have to agree with that. Me being so overweight has make it 10x harder on my body but I just go slower and keep at it. I figure it is better to keep going than to quit, even if I can barely keep up.  I was up a little this week but Nichole assured the group that there would be some weight gain from losing all the water weight plus adding muscle. It’s still a little discouraging though so boooo

Onto Week 3…

**I keep hearing about a Butterfinger protein shake in week 3 so I am looking forward to it!

If you would like to join us for the July Revolt you can sign up here: Revolt Fitness


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