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Household Money Saving Tips

We are a frugal blog that leans heavily on using coupons but I want to talk about other ways that you can save, because I find that often we focus so much on coupons that we forget about the other ways in which to save a little cash. Here are a few household money saving tips that can easily be used to help you save some money. Most of us know how to go out and make money, but how many of you know how to go out and save money. There are a few things we can do to save a little money and put those hard earned dollars back into our pocket.  Now we are not talking about just eating rice and skipping showers or anything crazy like that, just a few strategies that will help you live better with more money if your pocket.

One easy strategy the we all should use, is to check the internet for coupons before we buy anything online. Our site has a menu tab called HOT COUPONS that you should check frequently. Also, there are other household money savings tips articles on our Frugal Living menu  tab. We list new coupons every day and if we find a great deal we write up a coupon scenario for you to use at the store. If there is a product we want online, we can almost always bet there is some type of discount on it if we check. I always check for coupon codes before buying online and you should to.

If you have any service providers, like cable, telephone, internet and things like that, you should call and check to see if they can give you a discount. A lot of times companies will find a way for you to save some money in order to keep us as customers but you have to ask because they will not volunteer it. However, be prepared for a no because many service companies are not willing to negotiate prices.

If you are having a hard time paying your credit card bills you can call the company and explain your situation and sometimes get a better interest rate get lower monthly payments. Things like this can help us keep a bit change back in our pocket. However, from experience I have found it is better to not use credit cards at all and rely on cash only. The rule of thumb to live by is if you cannot pay the amount back next month then do not buy it. You can also as your electric company for household money saving tips for electricity use. I did this just last month and they sent me a big packet of information which included things like turning off the water heater when we will be gone for more than 24 hours and washing clothes on cold, which we did already.

In the end there are plenty of ways for anyone to save some cash, we just have to think a little bit, and not be scared to let people know what our situation is. We never know what we can get unless we ask. So let’s not let our household expenses stress us out or make life uncomfortable. We can take a second, relax and know that it is only money and our happiness if worth more than debt.

We hope this article helps anybody seeking information about saving money. We LOVE comments. Please tell us what you think.

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