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I won, We Have a Sofa!

You may remember that when we moved into our new apartment I threw out our sofa set and only kept the overstuffed chair. The 4 of us have been fighting over who gets to sit in that chair ever since we moved in. If it’s movie night the kids will fight us for the seat. If my husband has a rough day at work he will fight me for the seat. It has become a burden not to have a sofa. Problem was we could not decide on a sofa at all. My husband and I have very different taste when it comes to décor. He either goes for bachelor pad or million dollar mansion and I go for bright festive colors. So when we went shopping we could never agree on anything. That is until I wore him down with my shopping. Oh yes ladies… if all else fails all you need to do is keep him out shopping with you for several hours and eventually you will wear him down and he won’t care anymore.

So I won the sofa fight and I brought this lovely blue sofa with elegant stitching detail home. Hubby did all the labor of course:) Here is a picture of our new sofa while it’s still in the store. I’m not sure where it’s going to go at this point as we still have a lot of de-cluttering to do and we chose not to bring home a love seat or overstuffed chair since the apartment is so tiny. The pillow in the picture came with the couch and I’m in love with them!

So how much did I pay for this lovely couch you ask? I got it for 60% off! Fredmeyer was having a sale on this couch for $299, it’s normally $599. Then they were out of stock so I asked to take the floor model after inspecting it to make sure it looked brand new. So I got an additional 10% off from that. After tax I paid $291 and some change!

And then yesterday I went to a few garage sales up in La Center, WA. I found these nice lamps with gold etching detail. I’m fairly certain they are antique and I really like them a lot. The best part is they were 2 for $5!

Please tell me what you think. Do you like my new couch and what about the lamps? I’ll update after we place the items.


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