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50 Tips to be Frugal by Saving Money Where You Can

There are 50 tips to be frugal that I can think of. I am sure there are lots more tips that others can come up with. With the economy being the way it is, people have to learn how to save money and cut corners.

1. If you still fit in your clothing, keep them for as long as you can.
2. If you live in a large home and aren’t using some of the rooms, move and find a home that is smaller.
3. Try to make things work with the use of one car.
4. Instead of the car, use a bike to get to work.
5. Owning a home can be expensive, why not rent?
6. Stop going out to eat.
7. You can eat out but find some coupons that will help reduce the price.
8. Eating out for lunch is costly. Take food from home for lunch.
9. Try to stop buying things you don’t need.
10. Don’t use your credit cards.
11. Use cash or don’t buy the item if you want to be frugal.
12. Stop using the cable.
13. Don’t buy books, get them at the library or borrow it from your friends.
14. There’s free entertainment everywhere, no need to spend money on it.
15. If you need to take a car to work, start a carpool.
16. Walk to stores near.
17. Sell things in your home that you aren’t using.
18. Need a gift for a friend? Make it or give her something in your home that you aren’t using.
19. Quit smoking.
20. Cut down on drinking.
21. Drink water, not soda
22. Bring your coffee from home to work.
23. Pay your bills online.
24. Stay at home when you can.
25. Stop magazine subscriptions. These 50 tips to be frugal will help you save money.
26. Learn how to do things yourself.
27. Stop hiring helping hands.
28. Shop around for the best prices on air fare if traveling.
29. Shut off the cell phone or look for a plan that is the cheapest.
30. Cut your own hair.
31. Dye your own hair.
32. Take care of everything you have so it will last longer.
33. Take shorter showers.
34. Don’t fill the bathtub with hot water, fill it half-way.
35. Look for coupons in stores where you shop for clothing.
36. Buy sale only items.
37. Work at home if you can.
38. Cook large portions of food and freeze it.
39. Try not to use the washer too much. If you can get away with wearing clothing twice, do it.
40. Instead of the dryer, hang clothes outside to dry.
41. Don’t eat a lot of meat.
42. Use coupons when going to the grocery store.
43. Look for store brands to be frugal.
44. Make things yourself. Food, clothing, curtains, whatever you can think of.
45. Watch free movie rentals.
46. Make a budget and stick to it.
47. Wash your laundry in cold water.
48. Keep the lights off if you aren’t in that room.
49. Go to bed earlier to use less electricity.
50. Don’t allow others to borrow money from you. All of these 50 tips to be frugal should be used when you can use them.

Go through these tips to be frugal and see if any apply to you. This is going to help you save money when you can. Being frugal is something that everyone is doing as times are hard for most people.

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