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Holiday Gift Guide – SweetWorks Candy Company

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You are probably already thinking about what to put in your child’s stocking. You know they want candy but what kind. Plus, what if they have an allergy to gluten.

SweetWorks non chocolate confections candy are all gluten free, making a great stocking stuffer for your child is he’s got a gluten intolerance. Most of their products are also Kosher.


Their chocolate items are made with premium ingredients and taste amazing. We had the opportunity to try a large assortment of holiday items from Halloween to Christmas items. We loved them all. The kids loved them a little too much and ended up eating them rather quickly.

candy worksWe really think SweetWorks products are kid friendly and would makeĀ  good holiday gifts. The wrappers are festive and inviting to children. Plus the wrappers also would look lovely in candy dishes at an office party or just on your desk. SweetWorks chocolate products are also delicious in baked goods. We used the chocolate chopped up in pumpkin muffins during Halloween and again in a fall harvest recipe to celebrate the coming of fall. For Christmas we are going to use some of Sixlets we received to decorate cupcakes and cakes.

SweetWorks Candy brands include NIAGARA Chocolates, Celebration by SweetWorks, Ovation, Oak Leaf, Nerds and Sixlets. You can find most of these products at your local grocery store, on Amazon, at Joann Fabrics or other craft/cake decorating stores that sell candy making supplies. You can find a store near you buy going here and enter your zipcode.

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