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Review: Bedford Slims

I hate that my husband smokes but if it weren’t for the nasty smell I would not nag him as much as I do, because he actually does not smoke as much at all, maybe a cigarette a couple times a week. Regardless,  it smells horrible and since I have asthma  just the smell of it seems to flare my asthma symptoms up even more than perfume. When the electric cigarettes first started coming out I thought about having my husband try them but did not want to spend the money on it if it was not going to work, plus I had doubts that he would actually use it,  so we never purchased one. Flash forward to now and I got the chance to have him finally try one from Bedford Slims.

One thing that has always kept my Husband from trying an electric cigarette is that all the brands we checked into had large quantities of Diacetyl, an artificial popcorn flavoring that is actually unsafe for human consumption. I am happy to report that Bedford Slim’s products are Diacetyl-free, you won’t ever have to worry about inhaling harmful unnecessary chemicals in your vapor cigarette from them.  You can also read about the toxicity decrease for vapor products over regular traditional cigarettes HERE  .

Bedford Slims was founded in South Williamsburg by a team that believed they could change the plague that was effecting the neighborhood, as smoking had already claimed many lives. Thus their product was created and second hand smoke was eliminated.  Their products offer a 30-day money back guarantee. The shipping is really cheap compared to other companies; $2.50 flat rate and $6 for priority mail and you get to choose which shipping method you want.

The cigarette barrel is stylish, my husband got the one to the left and he really likes the design. It is slim and discrete but does not obviously look like a real cigarette yet he did not care about that. He even takes the cigarette to the river when he goes fishing with his buddies.

The one thing that both of us did not like about this company is that the cartridges do not have  labels on them, so we did not have a way to tell which cartridge was which. It would have been much easier to pick and choose which cartridges to smoke if they had labels of some sort, even a tiny dot at the end of the cartridge would work better than nothing.

The products are fairly inexpensive because the company wanted to make their products affordable, their goal was to create products that cost about the same as a real pack of cigarettes, that way people are more inclined to purchase them. You can get a starter as low as $12 but you will need to purchase the USB charger separate as their $12 kits comes with no charger. Or purchase a $34 kit and get everything you need to convert to electric cigarettes. Cartridges are $13 for 1 packs (each pack as 5 cartridges in it, enough for 5 packs of regular cigarette.)

The best benefit I have found to an electric cigarette is it produces no smoke, so there is no smell at all, so  my husband won’t come home smelling like an ashtray. My husband says that he likes that Bedford Slims kit because it came with a USB charger. He can plug the USB into his car stereo and charge the cigarette when it is getting low on battery. Other kits we have looked into had bulky chargers that required an outlet, which ins’t practical for a person on the go.

Visit their blog HERE , there’s currently a giveaway on their blog for those of legal age to smoke.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  • Ed V

    I found this product to be inferior to other mainstream E-cigs. Some didn’t work in the carton I purchased at all and the others smoked for a relatively short time. Be careful ordering this product in bulk. Try it first and I am pretty sure you will go elsewhere.

    • admin

      That is too bad Ed, we did not find anything wrong with the brand. My husband liked it. the only thing we did not like was that the cartridges aren’t labeled.

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