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5 Haunted Places to Visit in Oregon State You Must Visit This Halloween

There are several widely-reported locations that make the list of haunted places in Oregon State that visitors claim are haunted. Many of the reported hauntings in Oregon are linked to historic places like the Oregon Trail, early Pacific-coast communities and Portland, the state’s largest city, with a history of hauntings from sailors who were shanghaied along its waterfront. If you’re looking for a place to visit this Halloween then these 5 destinations in mysterious Oregon State should do the trick. To see Haunted Places in Washington go here

haunted places in oregon state

Eastern Oregon

Hot Lake Hotel: The Hot Lake Hotel in Union County, Oregon has received numerous reports of ghosts of the many people whom died on the property, including murders victims and suicides during its days as a sanatorium as well as an immense fire that occurred in 1934. This includes both a physician who committed suicide in an operating room and a nurse who died after being pushed into the scalding waters of the hot springs. The hotel was once featured on the TV show “The Scariest Places on Earth.”

Western Oregon

Rhododendron Village: Located along the Old Barlow Trail, Rhododendron Village is a campground that was used as a stopover site by pioneers traveling the Oregon Trail during the 1800s. The village near Laurel Hill claims the steepest hill along Barlow Trail and is reported to be haunted by the souls of those who died during their journey west, with numerous reports from workers of slamming doors and lights being turning on and off. The village is a site where covered wagons were raised over the hill by ropes, with many deaths occurring as a result of accidents during the perilous exercise and the village served as a burial site for these travelers in addition to the many victims who fell during Indian conflicts.

Portland: The Roseland Theater is reported to be haunted by the ghost of Timothy Moreau who was a publicity agent murdered by the theater’s owner in 1990 with body being found drifting in the Columbia River. Willamette Week newspaper highlighted the Roseland as the area’s Best Haunted Venue in 2008. Portland’s waterfront also has ongoing reports of haunting from unwilling sailors who were shanghaied by the British Royal Navy.

Witches Castle is in Forest Park, and is just a short 1/2 mile hike from the road. Thought to be haunted by Mortimer Stump, Anna Balch, and Anna’s parents Mrs and Mr Balch. The store goes that Anna entered into a forbidden marriage with Stump, and her father Mr Balch shot him in the head. Balch later told the authorities that his wife bewitched him, and that is where the name Witches House comes from. The Witches Castle is also home to some very interesting graffiti, and appears to be a place that Wiccans, and other spiritual people like to visit for non traditional spiritual work like spells, and coven meetings.

Oregon Coast

Fort Stevens: Fort Stevens on the pacific coast operated as a functioning military base until 1947 and is now the site of a Warrenton State Park. Originally built in 1863, the old fort is reported to be haunted by the ghost of a soldier killed during a bloody attack on the post, with visitors claiming to see him walking the paths around the fort carrying a lantern, still searching for enemies.

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