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Best Places to Take the Kids Fishing During Your Pacific Northwest Road Trip

There are many great places to go fishing with the kids in the Pacific Northwest


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Guided Fishing

There are two locations that offer guided fishing trips that are worth the time and effort to visit and create some great memories with the family. Along the way you will discover many great spots for trout fishing and fly fishing.

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  • The first of the guided fishing trip locations is on the Klamath River about 18 miles from Happy Camp, California at a place called Jefferson Flywater. When visitors arrive, they are shown to their tents and allowed to settle in and do some trout fishing in the home waters before dinner. The home waters near the camp offer some great fishing and a chance to catch some steelhead trout which are abundant in the area. During their stay, visitors will be taken out on drift boats to some of the best fishing spots on the Klamath River. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy fly fishing, either from the boat or by slipping on a pair of wading boots and hitting the river for a better angle. Trip operators suggest the use of studded wading boots for better support in the rivers current. The temperature is often just about right and not too cold for wading. Because many of the fish are juveniles, it is well suited for lighter line weight spey rods.
  • The second of the guided fishing trips is found about two hours north of Klamath Falls, Oregon at the Yamsi Ranch. This is one of the best places to go with the kids and enjoy a relaxing week of peace and quiet while getting in plenty of fishing. Unlike Jefferson Flywater, at Yamsi Ranch guests can spend the week at the historic ranch house or in a separate two story cabin that is also on the ranch property. Visitors have access to over seven miles of spring creek and a fully stocked lake for some great trout fishing. Visitors at the ranch will enjoy how peaceful and quiet the ranch is and the many places to go fishing. Visitors have the option of choosing a fully guided fishing trip each day or a less structured nod in the right direction to one of the many fishing spots by the owners of the ranch. The fish are plentiful in the streams and rivers and the lake is stocked with different types of fish including rainbow and brook trout. The ranch offers other activities for those days that visitors just want to relax and enjoy nature. Visitors can take out a canoe and explore the lake or the seven miles of the spring creek on the property or just sit a while with the owners playing dominoes.

Lakes & Rivers in Washington and Oregon


The Pacific Northwest trip destinations mentioned above will create memories for your kids, but there’s more to the Pacific Northwest then just guided fishing. Taking a few weeks away from the hustle and bustle of city life to enjoy these Oregon, and Washington’s lakes and rivers will recharge your spirit. Plus Oregon, and Washington provide a challenging fishing experience for all level of anglers in the family. The lakes and rivers of the area are stocked full of fish, just make sure to go during on season, and you will definitely catch something.


For trout Horeshoe Lake in Woodland Washington is a great place to check out. Klineline Park in Salmon Creek, WA has both a swimming area and trout fishing.

For King Salmon and Steelhead Kalama River, in Kalama Washington. Washougal river for salmon.


Washington Parks and Recreation will tell you all the best family friendly lakes and rivers in the area. and for Oregon Parks and Recreation visit this link

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