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How to Plan Fun and Educational Multigenerational Family Vacations

Planning a multigenerational family vacation that is fun and has educational aspects for

everyone involved might sound like more of a challenge than it actually is. The idea of a

vacation involves getting away for a few days, trying and seeing new things, and being able

to add a little excitement to your daily life.  All of these things

involve different types of activities for a crowd that ranges from 2-80, but its not impossible to

piece together a weeks worth of time spent with the kids, parents, grandparents, nephews and

nieces in a destination where everyone wants to be. Use these tips to help you plan a

multigenerational family vacation that everyone

can enjoy, and will still have an educational aspect for vacationers of every age.


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Find a Home Away From Home

One of the most important aspects of vacationing with extended family is being able to be near

everyone. The best way to do this is with a rental property where you are all under the same

roof, but still are able to get away from everyone. When there are this many people on the same

vacation, it is important to coordinate, gather and have a place where everyone can get away

to. Rooms allow for just as much private space as a hotel room can offer, but the promise of a

kitchen, dining room table to gather around make it easier for everyone.


Give Everyone a Part

Like you would normally assign roles and tasks to different members of the immediate family,

a multigenerational vacation works well when everyone has a role or part to play. Let everyone

have a chance to plan an activity, or at least offer an idea for an activity that they would enjoy.

Task the adults with organizational roles that include handling rentals, transportation and

covering meals for different nights. Not only does this make things easier for everyone involved,

but it helps keep everyone feeling like they have a say in the type of vacation you are taking.


Add Fun and Fun Learning

A little structure to your vacation is the best way to avoid meltdowns, bickering and boredom.

Its great to have some family downtime, but this time is best left till after everyone has had the

chance to get out all their pent up energy. Vacation is the best time to get out of your comfort

zone and try activities that you don’t have the chance to do on a regular basis. To keep things

fun and educational for everyone, look for activities that will not only thrill, but also offer up

plenty of chances to learn about the area. If you are in a tropical destination, snorkeling, hiking

to ancient sites or taking a wildlife tour to see animals in their natural habitat.

Find out what makes your destination special, and find activities that the entire family can enjoy.

A well timed trip to the space coast can include a day at Kennedy Space Center and a rocket

launch. A trip west can include hiking to geological features that took thousands of years to

form. There are endless ways to include learning into every aspect of the trip.

Remember that not everyone in the family needs to participate in everything either, break off

into small groups with one or two adults leading different day trip options. Always leave room for

family members to break away and get their own time in, and a trip for family of all ages will go

very smoothly.


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