Easy $7 Dollar Halloween Wreath Using Dollar Tree Supplies

This easy $7 dollar Halloween wreath uses all dollar tree supplies, and is seriously easy peasy to make. I think it took me less then 10 minutes start to finish, and that was with a teen interrupting every few minutes. You don’t have to spend a lot to decorate your home. I rarely pay more than a couple dollars for decorations unless its something I really, really want. I also shop a lot at Goodwill or Value Village for decorations.

So this wreath uses 2 pieces of glow sticks, package says 22″. It is a package of 4 glow sticks and 4 connectors. The Halloween wreath won’t be stiff because we are not using anything too sturdy for this project but it’s perfect to hang on the door or above a fireplace. Even though it’s base is not stiff it still works well for what it needs to do.

easy 7 dollar halloween wreath


For this project you will need from Dollar Tree

1 package of 22″ glow sticks
4 packages of Halloween themed garland
1 orange package of tulle
1 large spider found in the Halloween section of Dollar Tree
1 or 2 pieces of black twine or string to tie spider to reef


Open the glow light package, and connect 2 of the pieces together to form a circle. You will have to crack them so they will glow.

constructing the reef structure

Start off by making a knot with one end of the garland, and tie onto the reef. Wrap the first garland color as pictured, and then the second color. The brightest color should go on top, and will be in the 3rd set of pictured. The kids will love to do this part!

wrapped garland reefUsing the 4th garland color, which should be the brightest color left you will wrap onto the Halloween reef like a candy cane as pictured. Then tie off, and hide the ends or cut them off. Make a bow using the tulle, and tie onto the reef. Then affix the black spider using the black string. That’s it! This Easy Halloween wreath used all Dollar Tree good, and costs me $7 and tax!

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