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Haunted Places in Washington State to Visit

Ready to visit a scary place with Halloween coming up soon? Here are but a few of the haunted and scary places where you can visit and stay in Washington State.

thornewood castle

Thornwood Castle Inn, Lakewood, Washington –

This is actually a real castle from England that was dismantled and shipped, piece by piece, to its current Tacoma area location. It is currently serving as a bed and breakfast and retains much of the beautiful stained glass and stone of the original castle. The castle also served as the site for the filming of the ABC miniseries Red Rose. The current owners report that they have had a couple of run-ins with the spirits of the former owners. Chester Thorne apparently didn’t agree with the choice of lighting in the Gentleman’s Parlor and so he would unscrew the light bulbs each night after everyone else was in bed. Mrs. Anna Thorne has also been seen standing at a window as seen from the garden and sitting in a chair in what used to be her rooms.

Ready to experience a little more haunted places mansion style? Or what about a theater or harbor? Here’s a few more haunted places in Washington

Mount Baker Theater, Bellingham, Washington –

People have described all kinds of noises, visions, orbs of light and other mysterious happenings over the many year history of this playhouse. The tale is told is to build the original theater in 1927 that the home of a young woman was razed. People believe she now haunts the theatre evermore. Since she was young, she is of course most attracted to the young male actors and patrons.

mount baker theatre

Hotel deHaro – Roche Harbor, Washington –

This hotel is in a beautiful area and features a marina, spa and dining facilities. There is also a woman ghost here who walks the halls. There is also a nearby family mausoleum that is set up as a dining room table with pillars at each place for the ashes. At sundown, people have said the ghostly family comes to claim their seats. This is one of my favorite haunted places in Washington to visit.

Roche Harbor Resort, Roche Harbor, Washington –

This area is what might be termed a semi-ghost town. The town of Roche Harbor was founded before Washington even became a state. It was a trading post and had a beautiful view of Puget Sound. Eventually the entire town was purchased by a family, and then ultimately sold and several of the original businesses were made into functioning stores in the resort. In addition to that mausoleum I mentioned with the Hotel deHaro, there are also said to be any manner of ghosts walking about the town and through the various buildings. Rainy nights are particularly interesting – it is said that if you go to the crypt, even though there are holes in the roof, you won’t get wet and no rain will come in.

roche harbor

The Lamplighter, Seaview, Washington –

There is a ghost who inhabits the bar of this establishment who likes to interfere with pool games and messing with people’s shots by pulling on them and turning lights on and off. It is believed that these things are caused because the ashes of a former owner (Louie) are on the fireplace mantle.

Captain Whidbey Inn, Coupeville, Washington –

This Inn was established in the early 1900’s. There are many ghosts who roam both the Inn and the surrounding grounds. There is an older woman who roams the halls, possibly someone who might have worked at the Inn and still doesn’t have time to rest. Guests have reported the voices of children and their laughter. One of the guest cabins is also said to be haunted with mysterious happenings and noises. If you are looking for haunted places in Washington to visit this place should be on top if your list.


Paradise Inn, Ashford, Washington –

This beautiful Inn seems like a rather unlikely place to be haunted, but multiple people have reported furniture being moved, hearing footsteps and singing and feeling a sense of being watched. Some have attributed these phenomena as the spirits of those who have tried to climb the nearby mountains and failed. Whatever is the cause, the spooky sound of the breezes blowing through the dormer windows that sounds like voices will certainly make you wonder!


Washington State Governor’s Mansion, Olympia, Washington –

The stately Governor’s Mansion was built in 1908. There are some of the originally purchased furniture pieces still in the home that have been preserved. It wasn’t the fanciest mansion when it was built, but there has been a real effort to preserve the beautiful home and make it a showplace for Washingtonians. There is said to be a ghost that can often be caught out of the corner of your eye – a little boy dressed all in blue. He seems to be somewhat shy because he will disappear when you turn to look at him.


Do you know of more haunted places in Washington state? Let me know if the comments. In the meantime check out our travel section for more interesting places to visit in the Pacific Northwest.


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