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5 Tips for Vacationing in Indonesia

Traveling internationally can be scary but with the right tips and safety measures vacationing in Indonesia can be a great experience. Fortunately, the guys over at Traveloka have some great tips for an enjoyable vacation that is full of Indonesian charm while staying safe. For the best hotel try hotel borobudur jakarta and use the Traveloka site to book your stay.


  • with over 13,000 islands in Indonesia, you can find some unique places to visit. This may seem like a daunting task but there are some must see places like Bali, the capital of Jakarta, the untouched lands of Sumatra, and there are many outdoor markets to visit.
  • food costs in Indonesia are extremely cheap, allowing you to eat a more varied and fresh diet. The street markets carry many exotic fruits that Americans don’t often get a chance to eat. The restaurants in Jakarta offer some unique experiences that are inexpensive and adventurous.


  • transportation is can vary quite a bit depending on where you are heading. The islands are surrounded by water and require a ferry to travel between them. There are taxis, and buses to travel within the cities. The price can vary but is considerably less then other places of travel.
  • attractions are another inexpensive luxury of vacationing on Indonesia. You are able to do and see more with your money. You will want to do the famous Mt Batar hike, and visit Bromo-tenggar-semeru national park.
  • there are hotels and hostels in Indonesia and all are inexpensive for the most part. For the best hotel try hotel borobudur jakarta and use the Traveloka site to book your stay. This hotel is nice, and a great bargain for the price.


Money Saving Tips

In Indonesia bargaining is not only expected but easy to do. Nothing is ever the price stated, you must bargain for everything, and bargain hard for the best prices.


Eat on the street to save the most money. Enjoy the freshness of street markets. Try the different fruits Indonesia has to offer. Many street food stands will have satay (pieces of meat on sticks) in goat, chicken, mutton or rabbit. Basko is a meat ball soup, and really popular. Gado gado means mix mix, and is a healthy combination of mixed vegetables and salad mixed up in a peanut sauce. Mie ayam is also good and found in house more then in street food stations.


You shouldn’t have any trouble relaxing in Indonesia. There is spas, snorkeling, you can dive in the Gilli Islands, see komodo dragons, visit Java for a relaxing day of exploring old and new customs, and so much more. Indonesia is a popular place to vacation and tour because there is so much to do for little money. You get to see the people in a more personalized way, and get to mesh into their customs and traditions while exploring nature and good food.

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