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Vesttech Anti-Radiation Shields for Laptops, Cellphones and Microwaves

Anti-Radiation Shields

We are trying something a little different this week from Vesttech

Anti-Radiation Shields for headphones, microwave, and laptops! Tested & approved up to 98% less radiation exposure when wearing these nifty headphones. Up to 92% less radiation exposure with laptop radiation shield, and up to 78% less radiation exposure when using the microwave shield! Vesttech works to protect you from harmful radiation by creating innovative products that not only effectively block radiation but look attractive while doing it. * These products were given to us for a product review.

I have always had suspicion that we are exposed to more radiation on a daily basis than we realize. With the increased use of convenience items like cell phones, laptops, and microwave ovens there is absolutely no reason not to think we are being exposed to unhealthy levels of radiation. I don’t see why its such a crazy idea to use anti-radiation shields when the facts are scary

  • Just 20 minutes a day on a cell phone increases your risk of a bran tumor 30%
  • Research has found that low sperm count can be related to increased cell phone usage
  • Cell phones held close to the head has been known to affect the brain and other tissues
  • Children are at a higher risk of developing brain cancer when they use a cell phone

And before you start saying I am crazy there is scientific research to back up these claims

Anti-Radiation Shields

Vesttech products includes cell phone covers, anti radiation head sets, anti radiation belly band for pregnant moms, radiation blockers for the microwave and for laptops, and much more. There is a full line of anti-radiation shield products to help be a healthier you by decreasing exposure to radiation.

Emily’s Frugal Tips chose 3 products that we thought would round out this review quite well. Looking at what we use the most at home I determined that a microwave shield, laptop shield, headset would be perfect for us.

Anti-Radiation Shields

Vesttech Microwave Radiation Shield – a microwave emits dangerous radiation that has the potential to do harm when you are within close proximity to it. For example, when kids stand directly in front of the microwave waiting for the “beep”. Vest Microwave Radiation Shield contains high conductivity aluminum that reduces emitted radiation when the microwave is in use. Proven to reduce radiation up to 78%. The shield is to be used over the microwave door to block and provide maximum protection.

*This shield did not fit my microwave because mine has a handle that prevented the shield from sitting smoothly against the glass window. I asked the rep if it would work to prop the device against the window of the microwave instead of attaching it to the window and was told that it works the same way. So if you experience this just know you can do that.


Anti-Radiation Shields

A laptop emits radiation from its antenna, battery, and wifi antenna. The Vesttech Laptop Radiation Shield is said to block up to 92% of the radiation coming from a laptop. If you go to Youtube and search laptop radiation there is a lot about why you shouldn’t be placing your laptop on your lap. You are essentially placing the device on your reproductive organs and that can have lasting effects on the health of your reproduction organs.

The laptop shield sits right under the laptop so that when its on your lap its the first things sitting on your lap before the computer.

Anti-Radiation Shields

Vesttech Anti-Radiation Headset -Wired is the perfect gift to give this holiday season if you have a teenager. They are always buried in their phone and they really don’t care to hear how unhealthy it is. This headset works by a hollow air tube that helps decrease radiation exposure by¬† up to 98%. **It is compatible with 3.5 mm pin mobile devices.

The headset looks exactly like any other headset you would buy from another brand. You cannot tell these are special anti radiation headphones. I think that is important to say, especially when giving these to teens because they don’t want to look “different”, they want what their friends use.

Bottom line is this, there is no scientific proof that radiation emitted from cell phones, microwaves and laptops is enough to be harmful, but that does not mean it hurts you to protect yourself. Since there are products on the market that are used to block or reduce radiation why not use them? Technology is still new and new technology is constantly being made. Look at what was available in the early 80’s and 90’s and compare it to what we have now. We’re not talking that many years ago. So it is not crazy to think that new information could come out about the harmful effects of radiation coming from our favorite electronics. Its not dumb to be safe.

To purchase Vesttech Products visit their website, they have a good assortment of products to meet your needs.

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