Avoiding Life’s Most Uncomfortable Moments with U by Kotex Liners #BRINGCOMFYBACK

curves liners

Ladies #BRINGCOMFYBACK can happen right this second. No more uncomfortable period pads. Girl’s you got this. See ladies, we’ve all had that favorite pair of panties that we just love, but come period time they have to sit out of the action. You know you’ve had an embarrassing time or two when you weren’t prepared for your period and it came early. It’s time to bring those panties back with the help of a curvy liner that will keep you comfy in style.

U By Kotex lightdays Liners are extremely absorbent, but not too thick and uncomfortable that you can’t wear your favorite undies with them. They are thin, and super comfy but also inexpensive. Being a mom of a teenage girl who is always on the go sometimes I have to be prepared to offer her a pad or two when she forgets them.

Weather you just need a little back up support on your light days or just want to feel fresh and clean, these liners are great because they stay-in-place! Ideal for light days, back up, and tampon alternatives. Made from breathable material, and extremely comfortable with comfortable flexes.

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