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Give Mom a Barbara’s Cookie Pie for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day coming up you are probably thinking a lot about what to get for mom. This year why not think outside the normal jewelry and dinner and get her a special treat. Moms love a good treat just like any other person and Barbara’s Cookie Pies are AMAZINGLY delicious. Mom will definitely be pleased.

cookie pie

Barbara’s Cookie Pies are made with a traditional shortbread cookie base and topped with favorite pie ingredients.  Handmade Apple Pie, pictured above, has a traditional Apple Pie taste but with the twist of the cookie shortbread underneath. You will love the caramelized apples and the delicious crunch of the shortbread.

My other favorite is the Oreo Cookie Pie pictured below.

cookie pie 2

Barbara’s Oreo Cookie Pie has real crushed Oreo cookies on top of a traditional shortbread cookie.

These pies are not your ordinary traditional pie. They taste and feel like a cookie but are large enough to feed several people. Mom will be able to snack on it for several days and if you get lucky she might even share it with you 😉

Barbara’s Cookies pies retail for $19.99. The company also offer butter cookies, a seasonal selection as well as a treat of the month.

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