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Add Dole Fruit to Your Holiday Party This Year

With the holidays coming the planning has started! There is one brand I know I can trust and that is Dole. I love there fruit , vegetables and juices. They offer a variety of products from fresh-frozen to fresh canned with great taste to go along with it. I especially love there canned fruit. We have a few favorites such as there Mandarin oranges because they make a great orange cream jello salad which is always a hit during the holiday’s. My sister’s 5 year old son really enjoys the dole fruit cups, he always has these in his lunch bag and she always makes sure to include them on the grocery list but his favorite is really the cut up peaches. My daughter love’s the Pineapple we use Dole pineapple during Christmas because its great on our ham.
I also love the way Dole packages their items and how they label products, they are very appealing to the eye and draw attention. The cans are easy to pull open since they don’t require a can opener. the frozen bags are also easy to tear open.
dole fruit
Dole is a great company with great values they recently paired up with the WWP (Wounded Warrior Project) in the Believe in Hero’s campaign. the WWP was founded in 2003 and was created to honor and empower service members who had suffered mental and physical injuries post 9-11. The purpose of the WWP is to raise awareness of and reach out to the Public’s Aid to support the injured servicemen and women. You can find more information on the WWP at During the holiday’s we at Emily’s Frugal Tips ask you all to reach out and support the WWP if you are able to. It is a great cause and will help many many service members and there families.
baked hamFor our Thanksgiving feast I did a ham covered in crushed pineapple and then glazed over with a ham glaze . It turned out fantastic and I will be making it again for Christmas. Everyone guest at our event was clamoring about our ham and how it was the best ham they had ever eaten.
Emily’s Frugal Tips was provided samples of Dole products to conduct a thorough review and was not compensated for the opinion or feedback in this review. All opinion are our own.

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