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Review of Pentel Energel Pens and Twist Erase GT Mechanical Pencils From

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pentel pens

Being a blogger I use the computer more often then pens but its nice to have a set of quality pens around for when I need to do field notes out in the community. I found that Pentel energel office pens worked well for my needs. I was able to keep a couple in my car and field bag for when I am out in the community doing local media events or trying out new products such as an ice cream factory or pizza joint. The pens have fluid ink that write very well. I never had to scribble on paper to get the pens to flow before trying to write, which is a problem with many of the pens of the past that I used.

I also liked the design. The pens are easy to grip and comfortable to use for a full 8 hour work day.

Pentel Mechanical pencils offer precise penmanship when trying to graph math problems. My daughter requests only mechanical pencils for her algebra class because it is easier for her to graph and keep math problems in line. These Twist Erase Pencils are great for any type of mathematical work, and they are just handy to have around the house.

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