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Fun Family Friendly Fall Activities

fall activities

Fall is just around the corner and there are so many family friendly fall activities that you and your family can enjoy this year. Once the heat of summer ends and the crisp fall weather rolls in it’s nice to be able to head outdoors with the family for a little bonding time without worrying about the heat! Enjoy this list of great family friendly fall activities with your kids and don’t forget to laugh!

  • Pumpkin Patch – With the bright colored pumpkins and farm atmosphere the pumpkin patch can be a great way to spend a fall afternoon. Often times they will have tractor rides, activity areas, kid’s crafts and even a gift shop making this the perfect candidate for a fun family fall activity for any age. With all the beautiful colors I guarantee you will be able to get some fabulous photos to share with your friends and family!
  • Scavenger Hunt – Taking a walk in the cool brisk air is a great time all by itself but why not create more fun by taking off on a scavenger hunt with your family. A scavenger hunt can be pretty simple to put together and can be a real bonding experience. There is just something great about working together to complete a fun game. There are so many things you can look for on a scavenger hunt in the fall. Try finding different colored leaves, an acorn, pine cone, caterpillar, birds nest……. the list can go on and on. You can either work together to complete it or have a little family challenge and see who can be the first to finish.
  • Movie Night Outside – The movie theater can be so high priced so why not have your own at home in the nice fresh fall air! Carry the smallest TV that you have at your house into the backyard and set up a movie theater. All you need is a few blankets, cold drinks and a big bowl of popcorn and your movie night will be complete! You may want to do this one a few times so that each child can pick the movie for the night.
  • Make Leaf Rubbings – With so many sizes, shapes and beautiful colors of leaves in the fall, leaf rubbings make a perfect fall craft. Head outside with some paper and crayons (the crayons will need to have the paper torn off of them) and have your kids pick out some different colored leaves. They will need to place the leaves on a flat surface and place the paper on top of it. Use the side of the crayon to gently rub back and forth over the leaf until it makes an impression on the paper.
  • Build a Campfire – There are plenty of family friendly fall activities to do that involve a campfire!! Just think about cooking a fabulous steak over an open fire, relaxing by the fire, and the sweet smell of smore’s while telling stories from your childhood to your children. Sounds great doesn’t it? There are so many great memories of my childhood around a campfire and I want to make sure my children have the same great memories!
  • Go on a Hayride – There is just something great about riding around on a wagon being pulled by a truck or farm equipment that just screams fun! You can even make a small hayride at home using your lawn mower and a small wagon. All you need is a little hay or straw and some imagination. You can make it scary or relaxing depending on the age of your children and what kind of fun you want to have. Warm apple cider is a wonderful drink to serve after the hayride is over and it’s time to warm up a bit.
  • Create a Thankful Tree – Fall is a great time to think about what you are thankful for. Find a small branch outside that has fallen from a tree. Find some way to keep it in an upright position…. play-dough works as a great base or you could stick it in a mason jar. Cut orange, yellow, brown and red shaped leaves out of construction paper and spend a few hours figuring out what you and your family are thankful for. Write all your ideas on the leaves and attach them to the tree making your own “thankful tree”. This is especially great to do around Thanksgiving time.
  • Jump in a Big Pile of Leaves – One of my families favorite fall activities is to jump into a big pile of leaves!! Everyone spends some time raking the leaves up into a big giant pile (they have to be raked up after all so we might as well make it fun) and take someone’s hand, run and JUMP!!! The only way to truly enjoy this activity is to get down and dirty with the leaves. If they aren’t sticking to every part of your body including your hair you are just not having enough fun!!


What great family friendly fall activities do you enjoy at your house?


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