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How to Shop for Trendy Back to School Clothes Without Blowing Big Bucks

This year back to school shopping is going to be hot. There are lots of trends going on right now that your kids will want to get in on. It might be tempting to buy clothes for all weather but since trends don’t last very long you might want to buy one season at a time. Here are some tips to effectively buy back to school clothes and stay trendy without overspending.

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  • There is no need to purchase all your kids school clothes before school starts. Chances are your kids are going to change their minds on what they like once they get to school and see what the other students are wearing. This is especially true for teens who are highly impressionable and want to fit in with their friends. Definitely wait a month or two after school starts to buy everything your teen wants or needs.
  • Start off with just the basics – socks, underwear and shoes are the first things to go on sale because stores want to get you in so you add extras. Their way of getting your attention is through inexpensive things like socks so stock up when the sales are the best which is August through September.
  • Take advantage of coupons and store deals.  A lot of times you can stack a sale with a coupon. For example Aeropostale has money off coupons all the time during back to school season. Other stores like Old Navy and Hollister Co have great sales such as $19 jeans and 50% off items. You can also sometimes find freebie coupons. Coupons like $10 off a $10 purchase are great for scoring free items. So look for those!
  • This may sound crazy but if you know how to sew you are one of the lucky ones. A lot of the trends this year are easy to make yourself, such as the maxi skirt and jogger pants you see teens walking around in. And when kids are still in elementary school it is CHEAP to create unique looks at home since a pair of pants takes a yard of less for these little guys. Definitely check your local fabric shop for pattern sales; this time of year there are tons and leggins are one of the easiest things to make. Also during garage sale season you will find fabrics in interesting patterns for dirt cheap. Snatch them up.

With careful planning you don’t have to spend a lot this year on school clothes for your kids. Stick to a monthly budget and don’t go over it for any reason. There will be more sales.


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