Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven Turns Violent as Customer Dumps Slurpee on Employees Head


Today is 7-Eleven’s annual free slurpee day, a day that should be fun for our children but instead has turned into a lesson on treat others how you want to be treated. As my kids and I walked into 711  we noticed the line was huge and it was going to be a wait. The kids didn’t mind, that is of course until we witnessed a disgruntled customer dump his free slurpee on top of the employees head who was pouring them for approximately 20-30 customers!

It all went so fast and I think I was in disbelief and shock. WHO does that. Who is that disrespectful and mean. As I watched who I think was either the manger or their security person grab the guy by his shirt and pull him to the front of the store I listened to what he had to say.

” Let me go, I’m leaving. She got slurpee on my face,  I had to wait 30 minutes to get my slurpee. she wasn’t being careful, she got it on my face” dang now I don’t even get my free slurpee”

And I loved what the lady said to him. I don’t condone violence but man he really deserved it.

If you try to leave I will punch you in the face, I swear it. Do not move! “

I left before the police arrived. I feel like it took the police a long time to get there. I was in the store approximately 15 minutes after the incident and they still were not there. I watched the lady call the police so I know they were on their way, but I do not understand how it could possibly take that long when the station is literally around the corner from this particular 7-Eleven. I mean what exactly are we paying these guys for? Just sayin…


As this went down I have to admit I did think about taking the guys photo to post  all over my blog and fan pages to teach this guy a lesson. I mean had I done that he surely wouldn’t be walking around Vancouver, WA without consequences. I didn’t but boy did I want to. My phone was burning a red hot hole in my purse as this went down.  In the end I decided I wouldn’t take that photo. For one thing could I be sued? And another, I had my kids with me so I was really trying to be cool as a cucumber when inside I really wanted to punch the guy in the face to.

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    • admin

      Oh trust me, his face was not pretty. However, he also did not appear to be on drugs nor did he look like a drug addict. So he is probably just a mean person with no valid excuse.

  • julie

    Wow! I went with my kids to the one on 112th and its was busy but not more then a cpl minute wait. I liked it better when we got to fill our own not the employee who barely fills it half way up but free is free so I didn’t dump it on anyone’s head. Haha

    • admin

      Right! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It may sound strange but I am so glad that my kids witnessed it. It planted the seed that you cannot get away with treating other people terribly and that there are consequences for your actions when you do.

    • admin

      Hi Jeff,

      I am sorry but I did not take any additional photos during the incident. I thought about it but we were too close to the guy and my kids were with me. I did not want to do anything that could cause him to act out more than he already did. Naturally there were a lot of kids in the store at the time. I do have the photo pictured in my blog without a watermark if you’d like to use that one. You can use the contact button up top to email me.

  • justme

    Do you happen to know what the police were actually doing? Just because an office might be around the corner, does not mean officers are just sitting around waiting.

    • admin

      An entire STATION, not just one police officer. It shouldn’t take over 15 minutes for an officer to arrive when they are 3 minutes from the store.

  • Anonymous

    I used to work there and it was the most likely the manager who openly expressed her hatred for customers and free slurpee day. I was appalled at how freely she spoke badly about customers.

    • Dan

      112th ave by applebee’s and the ymca, the owners are quite rude and very greedy, the one in the back spent the whole time iw as there complaining the free cups 7-11 corporate sent for the promotion where to big, saying that even filling them half way was giving people “over 3x what they should be giving out”

      mind, Having friends who own convenient stores, when a promotion like this happens, the franchise stores are compensated (they get cups free and they get money and sometimes even supplies to cover it), so the only reason for this is the owners being greedy.

      it would explain why i rarely see more then 1-2 cars in their parking lot(drive past alot on way to/from our office)

  • Dan

    I was at this store earlier in the day, I dont condone his actions but I can see how he could get frustrated.

    when we went in, it was around lunch time, we stopped to BUY large slurpee’s and get a free one, also planned to get some snacks(candy bars and such), the manager was guarding the rear machine like hawk, when i was there the line was not to huge but she was spending her time complaining about even having to give out 1/2 full ones and saying even that was 3x what they should have to give away free.

    she argued with every person who wanted to BUY A DAMN SLURPEE, every last one, wouldnt let you buy one.

    when we got to the front counter, the girl at front desk couldnt believe the owner at the back wouldnt let people buy slurpee’s(as in any size but free), the other owner ran up and quite literally yelled at us for being “rude” to her employee(me, my mother and the 3 groups behind us) when we where not rude, we just stated the fact, and paid for our snacks….she told us to get out, then told all of us (the whole group lined up to buy stuff) to get the fuck out(said just that) all because we had the gall to complain that she wouldnt let us give them money for a full size slurpee.

    4 people ahead of me stormed out very upset over it(they had tried to get her to sell them one for a good time she just refused to understand why they would want to buy a slurpee when she was giving out half full free smalls……(and bitching about having to do even that)

    now, contrast this with the store next to the vancouver mall where we went( i still wanted a full size spurpee) they where YELLING to people to grab a free one, it was self serve, they where really happy to see everybody that was coming in, they had zero issue if you wanted a free one and to buy one.

    they also gave me my full size free when they heard what happened at the 112th ave store(not my intention, but hey, free is free), I still bought some snacks and a hot case item, the funniest part, as we where headed out, one of the angery women from the other store was starting to check out, she said i wasnt kidding, and refused to take a full size free, but instead bought more stuff (hotdogs, chicken strips and 2 peices of pizza that i heard), she said she was so happy that the people at this store where being polite and helpful rather then rude and unhelpful that she wanted to thank them….

    good customer service would stop the kind of situation that happened here 99/100 times, and I say this having worked food service and sales jobs…..

    when you have people storming out very upset in droves, you need to question why…specially when other stores doing the same promotion have people leaving after buying stuff with big smiles.

    Oh we also hit up the 7-11 by target on 164th(traffic was backed up we decided to turn in and get a drink), they had employees filling all cups, the employees where clearly tired BUT where polite and friendly, and they filled the cups all the way up, they also had no issue if you wantd a full size one!!!

    and everybody was leaving with a smile or brain freeze face….

    Im sorry to have to say this but, that store on 112th, is run by rude, greedy, idiots, and Karma caught up with one of them in the form of a slurpee hat……guess she was probably glad she was only giving 1/3-1/2 a cup of slurpee rather then full….less to get dumped on your head….

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