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Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System Review & Giveaway


As a coffee, tea and soda drinker my teeth have a hard time getting white. It is one of the most irritating things and I am very self conscious about them not being white enough. I have tried over the counter teeth whitening products in the stores, like strips or toothpaste and one time I tried a gel but none of that worked. I felt like it was a waste of my money to continue using those products if they didn’t work. So I stopped buying them and stuck with the expensive teeth whitening at the dentist’s office. And of course that meant dropping hundreds of dollars each visit because our dental insurance only covers cleanings not whitening treatments.

I had the opportunity to try Smile Brilliant, an at home teeth whitening kit with an LED light system. The system comes with a tray, the whitening gel and a LED light system that you put in your mouth once the gel is applied and tray is in place. The system was easy to set up and use. You simply spread the gel onto your teeth using the gel pen that has an applicator brush. You then place the tray into your mouth and you hold onto the LED light device with your gums. The tray stays in your mouth for 20 minutes. You can decide if you want to use the LED light or not. If you do then you hold onto the LED light for that 20 minutes.

Smile Brilliant is a national dental lab that also carries at home systems and uses the same whitening gel that the dentists use. You will pay a fraction of the cost you would at the dentist. Smile Brilliant can eliminate every type of stain imaginable, including but not limited to deep rooted stains, tabacco, coffee and soda stains and more.

Having whiter teeth makes me feel less self conscious about the poor health of my teeth. Like I said before, I  didn’t take good care of them growing up. I remember when my mother would try to get me in for routine cleanings and exams I would actually absolutely refuse to go. At that time I was in my late teens so it wasn’t like mom could really force me out the door.

My personal review


As far as the LED light is concerned, I find that it’s a bit heavy to hold onto in your mouth for 20 plus minutes. It is kind of awkward to have that thing just sitting in your mouth for so long. I would prefer something that wrapped around my head and just sat in front of my teeth but I suppose that would probably cost more money. The tray is comfortable but it’s hard to put back together if you remove the two trays  that sit on top of each other.


One thing I have noticed about whitening kits is they have an awful taste to them. It’s something that I just do not look forward to at all. With Smile Brilliant I did not have a icky taste in my mouth and that surprised me because even when a company claims there is no taste I still find that there is one.

Pain or discomfort

With some over the counter teeth whitening kits I have found that the leave my gums and sometimes even my teeth in pain. If you to experience discomfort and pain you will happy to know that Smile Brilliant didn’t hurt my gums or my teeth. They also offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your results they will refund you.

How white did it get my teeth

Since I have been a coffee drinker it is hard to get my teeth white and it typically takes a longer duration of treatment. On top of that I didn’t take very good care of my teeth growing up so I have that added disadvantage. That being said, I did see a difference in the color after a couple weeks. I noticed that the more treatments I did the whiter my teeth became. They aren’t purely white “yet” but I have faith that after several more treatments I will get very close. Even at the doctors office they were never able to get my teeth the shade I wanted them so I am not surprised by this. The treatment has definitely made a difference, even my husband noticed they are whiter.

You can purchase the LED Whitening Kit for $39.99

Smile Brilliant has sponsored a giveaway. Please check back for the giveaway once I announce it’s gone live.


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