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Five Things You Should Wait to Buy Until After School Starts

5 things you should wait to buy

Getting ready for back to school season is a nightmare when it comes to buying things and that is only multiplied if you have multiple kids. Finding ways to save money becomes absolutely necessary. One thing we noticed over the last several years is that some items are cheaper before school starts while others drop in price drastically after school starts. Here are five of the better bargains that usually pop up after the school year begins:


High Quality Backpacks


This has been true forever it seems and nobody seems to really know why. If you want to get a nice quality backpack, you either have to pay for it or wait for the sales after school starts. It is odd because the cheaper backpacks are always on great sale before school. It is only the high quality backpacks (the ones you want) that go on sale late. If you wait for after school sales, however, you can really get a great bargain.




Again, this is mostly about quality. The big box retailers will offer up the less expensive clothing at back to school sales, but the nicer clothes tend to be a bit more reluctant. Perhaps they are simply bringing you in with the cheaper stuff in hopes that your kids will beg for the higher priced stuff. Whatever the case, we find much better bargains once the school year begins. Another added benefit is that your kids will get the chance to see what is “in” before buying. That can save you a ton of cash and help the kids get what they want too.




If you are going to update your laptop or computer, waiting will almost always save you some cash. The one exception to this can be the tax free sales that go on during the back to school season. Sometimes, however, they up the prices on the products to offset the savings. Be careful and patient before making such large purchases. They generally are cheaper a month or two after school starts.




This is the same general principle as clothes and follows a similar pattern. If you are buying cheap, throw-away shoes for playing, then grab them before school starts. Otherwise, wait for the buy one get one deals that inevitably will pop up once school has started.


Sports Equipment

Anyone that has purchased cleats, pads and various other necessities for school sports knows that the cost is insane. The sporting goods stores know you are over a barrell and therefore charge you full price during the season. The best way to do this is to buy during the offseason of each sport. After school begins you can get baseball, wrestling, basketball and all the spring/fall sports cheaply. Focus on the early school year purchases right after school lets out. Few sports will be priced to move just before school starts.

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