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Create a New Look For Your Teen With a New Designer Living Bed Set

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I don’t need to remind you that your kids are growing up fast. I am sure that you discovered that this summer while going through their clothes. I am sure you discovered half of those clothes are now too small. I get it. I have kids myself. I have teens, and their styles and taste are constantly evolving as they age. One thing that parents often neglect to change is bedroom decor. I think part of that has to do with money, and many parents are too busy with work and other obligations to spend a weekend or two painting furniture. As teens get older they need bedroom decor that reflects their maturity. Choosing standard pieces that reflect your teens personal style and age does not have to be difficult, expensive or time consuming. Focusing on a couple key pieces that can highlight as a focal point in a room is a great way to transform space. Choosing pieces that can be repainted, flipped over or reversed are also great ways to stretch bedroom decor further. The right bed set is a sure fire way to transform your teens bedroom into a designer master piece without spending a ton of money.

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Sometimes all it takes for a room to appear brand new is a new focus point. With Designer Living you have the option of choosing hundreds of products in different home decor categories. I was fortunate enough to be offered a new designer bed set for my teen daughters bedroom from Designer Living, and I couldn’t be more pleased. She is entering her senior year of high school and is also a running start college student. To say she is growing up is an understatement. She will be 18 is 8 months. She is growing up faster than I would like. Its been a hard adjustment for me. My daughter was long over due a new bedroom makeover so I wanted to give her something special. We are overhauling her bedroom top to bottom including new box and mattress set, and maybe even a new bed frame eventually, and painting the furniture. For now though, we focused on creating new space using a brand new bed set from Designer Living, and I must say it has transformed her bedroom from old and pieced together to fabulous.

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My daughter chose the Madison Park Essentials: Serenity Complete Bed and Sheet Set in Coral.

This bed set was chosen in full size and came complete with:

1 Comforter 78×86″
2 Standard Shams 20×26+2″(2)
1 Bed Skirt 54×75+15″
1 Flat Sheet 81×96″
1 Fitted Sheet 54×75+14″
2 Pillowcases 20×30″ (2)
1 Decorative Pillow 12×18″

Changing up the bedding in your teen’s room sets a crisp, clean tone to the bedroom. It creates the illusion that a bedroom is well put together even when you might have old or outdated furniture pieces in there. While white bedding creates a neutral backdrop where you can throw decorative pillows to add a pop of color its not always practical or pretty. You will end up replacing white bedding more quickly. Even though its usually less expensive, it gets dirty, and if you have pets the hair is very obvious. If you live in an apartment like we do, you may not be able to paint the walls. Having white bedding against a white wall creates a depressing look and it is easier to see any flaws on the walls or bedding. Bedding like Madison Park Essentials collection from Designer Living creates a focus point when paired against solid furniture pieces, and contrasting curtains.


Madison Park Essentials: Serenity Complete Bed and Sheet Set is a great bargain because it comes with everything you need for a bed. It has the bed skirt, fitted sheet, and standard sheet. It comes with pillow shams. It’s got the comforter, and decorative pillows. It is a complete set for just $155 on sale right now for $75.65. My readers will save an additional 15% off when they use coupon code DLEMILY15 at checkout. Since this set is on sale right now for $75.65, using the 15%  code will make it just $64.30! That is a bargain.

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