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Meet My Husband, the Fisherman…

You know the old saying… Husbands are good for one thing and one thing only. I don’t  believe that but hey, if husbands are good for one thing and one thing only; it’s to bring home the bacon. In my case, mine brings home the fish; salmon, steelhead, trout, you name it and he brings it. Actually, he did bring home bacon a couple times to though. 


So this leads me to the reason for this post. I really like fish, but let’s be honest here, fish is crazy expensive! I was in the store yesterday grocery shopping and wanted to purchase some Cod to bread and fry in the coconut oil I am reviewing, but I am not willing to pay $20 for a tiny piece. of fish. No way LOL. Since my husband has been fishing for over 2 years now I have not really paid much attention to the cost of fish. I can’t believe how the cost has gotten out of hand. So anyway, I did not bring home cod. I just could not bring myself to spend that much money on a single item we’ll eat at one dinner. We really didn’t need the Cod to begin with and here’s why…

When my husband first started getting into fishing I did not like it at all. He would wake me up every morning at 5 am because he’d be getting ready for his expedition. It would tick me off! Then I he started bringing home fish, lots of them. At first I was ecstatic that he was bringing them home. Fish and seafood is a big part of our diet so the fact he became fish obsessed was a good thing; it saved money! After family members stopped accepting fish donations though,  it got kind of old quick. There was no room in my freezer and food pantries don’t take donations of personal stock pile of fish. So I was basically just stuck with all this fish! 

It’s finally gotten to the point that we have a meeting ground. He’s allowed to fish until his heart is content but needs to find a new home for the excess fish because I simply don’t have the freezer space to house 5 years worth of fish.

Do you have a fish obsessed husband like mine? What do you do with your stock pile of fish? Answer by leaving a blog comment




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  • Suzanne Deleon

    Actually, I had the same dilemma as you do a few years ago! LOL My husband was obsessed with fishing, so much so, that I barely saw him except when he was asleep beside me! And, boy o boy, we had two freezers full of fish! Like you, I gave it to friends, family and strangers! Luckily, it was just a phase he went thru, and it has really tapered of quite a bit! I called my local Salvation Army! They gave out food on Wednesdays to people in need! I asked them, if I could donate some fish! They said they would ask food recipients if they would like some fresh fish and the response was overwhelming! So, I would take my coolers up to the Salvation Army office on Wednesdays and hand out my husbands bountiful catch! I really loved meeting all of these gracious folks! We did this for almost four years and enjoyed every minute of it! Try calling your local office, and if they can’t use it, maybe they can steer you in the right direction! Good Luck and God Bless!

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