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What to Expect For The First Year of Middle School

what to expect the first year of middle school

The middle school years can be a shock to your system as a parent. The leap from elementary school to middle school is extreme and it just so happens to come at a time when your child is going through major changes as well. The good news is that all of these things are manageable with a little bit of preparation. It all begins with learning about what is coming. Here are some things you can pretty much count on when your kid hits the middle school years:


A New Location


First and foremost, your kid will have to move to a whole new building and atmosphere. This is not always an easy adjustment for new students. Visit the school during the summer and go to all the open houses and events to ease that fear. Familiarity will help them more than anything.


Changing School Buses


A new bus driver, new friends and a brand new bus can all be a bit overwhelming. The good news is this will wear off quickly. If it doesn’t, ask plenty of questions why and make sure they are not being bullied on the bus. Most kids adapt to a new bus rather quickly.


More Homework


These days, kids have homework even in the early grades. Still, there is a marked difference once you hit middle school. Setting up a homework schedule can be helpful and will certainly make it easier for them to stay on top of things.


Physical Changes


These are perhaps the most difficult middle school changes. It almost seems unfair that kids experience puberty right around the same time that they go through so many social changes. Be there for them and answer questions. Always make sure they know that what they are going through is perfectly normal and that all the other kids are too.


Changing Classes


In elementary school, your kid may or may not change classes. If they don’t, this will be a major adjustment for them. Getting to classes on time, learning where they are and trying to make those bells can be a huge stressor. Spend some time going over the routes they will take and the right times to go to their lockers.


These are the major changes your children might face in middle school. Most of them are very manageable and will not cause your kids too much stress. The key is to make yourself available and to talk to your children about what troubles them. If you do, they will eventually blend right in and enjoy their middle school experience.


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