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Campus Book Rentals – Rent Your Textbooks Instead of Buying

Winter quarter is just about to start for many college goers and I am sure the sticker shock of textbooks will sink in as soon as you hit the checkout line. Did you know the average college student spends $400+ on textbooks per semester? I was a psychology major and my books rarely got below $500 for undergraduate work! Then I got smart and started renting them whenever possible. Of course there’s going to be some books that you should buy so you have them for your new career. I still have my psychology books and use them often. But when rental is a possibility you need to pounce on it because there is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on books that wind up being sold back to your school for 75% less then what you paid.

but it gets better! Campus Book Rentals is now offering a program to put you in business. You can rent out your textbooks to other college student! So all those books you weren’t able to rent can now make you profit. Cha Ching!

And Campus Book Rentals donates to Operation Smile for each textbook rented. You can find out more information on Operation Smile here.

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