Dinner Ideas – October 16th, 2013

I really want to start showing you guys that I actually know how to cook, and sometimes I can cook good. So I thought wouldn’t it be great if I start a daily dinner ideas post. This will work like this. Each day I will post a picture of yesterday’s dinner. It will keep me accountable and give you some healthy dinner ideas to. I may miss a day here and there but  I know you will understand because we are all busy 🙂

So here is yesterday’s dinner. I would love to know what you think. Oh and by the way, it is probably close to 80% Paleo or some would call it 80/20 Paleo.

You really do want to peak at this picture, it’s that good.

dinner oct 16th

2 pieces of ultra thin boneless pork loin, 1 cup gourmet lettuce leaves with 1 tsp goat cheese crumbled and 1 tablespoon Ken’s Raspberry Pecan fat free dressing. There’s also a half slice of delicacy squash cooked with 1tablespoon brown sugar ( I know!) and 1 teaspoon farmers butter (I double know!).

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