>8 Gig Ipod Touch as low as $159!


Fred Meyer loyalty customers should have received a coupon flyer in the mail that had a coupon that goes like this. Purchase a combination of food, clothing, home & electronics and save: $40 on a $200, $30 on $150 or $20 on $75 purchase.

This is what I did to get this deal.

Scan your rewards card before paying!! I purchased a chocolate bunny for .22 cents, a pair of underwear for $2.49, a plastic salsa bowl for $1.29. I then picked up a rotisserie chicken, and a few additional items. I took the items to the electronics department and grabbed an 8 gig I pod touch for $199. I used the $40 off of $200 purchase and came out paying just $187, after tax! Note: WA state pays sales tax, so that’s why my cost was a bit higher. 

Note: If you did not get the rewards coupon the electronics department has a $20 off of $150 purchase, so you can still snag the IPod for around $179 plus tax. That certainly beats anywhere I’ve checked!! 

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