Nature’s Way Coconut Oil 50% off at Fredmeyers


Where Can You Buy Coconut Oil for Cheap?

Hey readers. So I was just at Fredmeyer on SE Millplain & Chaklov Drive (sp). They have a super fantastic deal on Nature’s Way EfaGold Coconut Oil Pure Extra Virgin. They are on sale for 50% off. The 32oz was just $14.99, down from $28.99! There’s a smaller jar for around $8.99.  This is a fantastic deal that can’t be beat.
Updated 2015: Amazon now has this product for the same price as this deal here, for $14.99 also with free prime shipping. So if you do not have a Fred Meyer where you live you can still save on this brand of coconut oil.

What Can You Use Natures Way Coconut Oil For?

Coconut oil is great for cooking because the fat it contains goes straight to the blood stream and is immediately converted to energy. None is stored! You can find more information about how coconut oil is good for you HERE. It’s also great as a hair and skin moisturizer, and I use it as a carrier oil for my essential oils.
If you don’t live in Vancouver, WA you may still be able to get this deal. Check your Fredmeyer or Kroger stores to see if it’s on sale.



  • Rita Horne

    Trader Joe’s has Organic, virgin, coconut oil for just $5.99 for 16 oz glass jar. Just bought some myself. Supposed to be great for skin, hair and cooking and also supposed to be a great way to ward off Alzheimer’s.

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