Safari: A Photicular Book Review and Motion Slide Viewer

Do you remember back in the day when people would create handmade paper books with hand drawn pictures on each page that when you shuffled the pages the pictures moved? That is a lot like what this book does only it is much cooler. Safari: A Photicular Book created by Dan Kainen is the latest technology that brings wild animals to life using photicular technology to create realistic movements when the page is opened during viewing. If you move the page at the right angle the animal featured on each page will run, hunt or even eat right before your eyes. The text is written by Carol Kaufmann and features exciting yet educational information about each animal featured in the photicular book.

If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift I saw these sold at the Oregon Zoo during Zoo Lights, which is still going on until December 31st,  but you can get it at Barnes and Noble or any bookstore that’s near you. If you are not around a bookstore that sells this book you can order it directly from the creators website, Dan Kainen for $25.



There is also a motion slide viewer that is made with the same concept as the photicular book above, the only difference it is a motion slide viewer, takes slides and has many different options such as sports and wild animal images. This device is also a lot smaller than the book and more compact so easier to travel with. The Motion Slide Viewer comes with 10 slides and the device and costs around $25. I have not seen this sold in any stores around here so you may need to order directly from Dan Kainens website.

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