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Earlier in the week I talked about my progress on the Nutrisystem Diet . As you know I have been on the Women’s Select for one month now. I am very close to earning my first Nutribear but my body is fighting it hard. My body won’t allow me to get to 10 pounds lost and I think it’s partly to do with the fact that I have been at this weight for almost a year now. Experts say that your body will get stuck at certain weights because it had held onto that “weight” for a certain amount of time so your body “resets” itself at that weight and it becomes harder to get below it. Once you do get below that set weight you will be able to lose more easily until you reach another milestone “weight”. These are called plateaus and are a pain in the butt to break through yet I am determined to land this goal.

Nutrisystem requires you to do 3- 10 minute activities daily as your exercise. As I said in my week 4 post, I haven’t been doing that part of the plan yet. With how crazy things were at work it was just too much for me to handle at that time. Now that work is done and I am trying to blog full time I will be jumping on the exercise wagon again.

For exercise I have a lot of options. I have a Wii with lots of fitness games, I have a Journey Gym that I just begun reviewing and there’s Revolt Fitness, the program my husband has been reviewing and seeing wonderful results from.

I also just bought a bike and new bike seat pictured above. Before moving to this apartment I took up bike riding and was starting to get into it a lot right before we started packing for the move. Then we moved and I set my bike outside for a day and it was gone.

I am excited to see if the added exercise will help me meet my weight loss goal faster. Only time will tell. I’ll update you all with my week 5 results later in the week.

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Nutrisystem has provided Emily’s Frugal Tips the Nutrisystem program free of charge in exchange for sharing my  journey with you. Regardless, I review things that I am interested in and  my opinions are my own.


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