Febuary #LoveMe Challenge Starts Now – Day One

As a mom it is hard to think about myself. I have grown accustomed to worrying about my kids and putting me second, third, last… Another blogger came up with this great challenge and I did not hesitate to join in. 28 days of self improvements? Of course! A journey to recapture myself and learn to love and respect myself again? Why wouldn’t I take advantage of that. What a great challenge. Want to join me?


So today’s challenge is “Why did I choose to join in.

I will say that like I said above, being a mom is hard work and it’s hard as a parent to take time for me. It’s time to think about me. It’s February, the month of romance and love. Why not take time to #LoveMe!

I’d love to have other bloggers join in. If you do join just make sure to use the hashtag #LoveMe so our readers can find you.


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