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Esthetic procedures are becoming increasingly accepted in general population. Nowadays, people can eliminate various signs of aging, remove different imperfections and even repair damage caused due to an injury by using these treatments. Because of their versatility, esthetic interventions became immensely popular in a short amount of time. If we include the fact that almost everyone can use them, it comes as a no surprise that they are currently the most popular form of medical procedure.

medical fillers

Initially, esthetic treatments were used as a way to repair facial damage which soldiers suffered during wars. At first, it was a really crude solution to this immense issue. Of course, all these people needed to come back home, create families and reintegrate into the society. Their physical appearance could pose an obstacle in doing that. Doctors, seeing benefit in performing esthetic surgeries, slowly started developing this discipline. For many people, this was a good way to repair certain deformities such as big ears, crooked nose etc. After a while, surgeries became widely excepted treatment that allowed people to rejuvenate their face.

Even with all its advantages, there were a few big issues with this intervention. First and foremost, people often fell into depression after treatment. Given that we all have different perception of beauty, many individuals hated end results. Besides that, surgeries are very intrusive. They change person in their core. This posed not only esthetic but also moral question. Often, patient required a long rest period just to recuperate from the effect of procedure. Human factor also plays a big role during therapy. If the doctor is young and inexperienced, or if he makes a mistake, results would be devastating. All of these factors lead to numerous operations, a lot of stress and money invested into countering aging process.

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Medical fillers came as a great alternative to surgeries. Experts from DoctorMedica.co claim that this procedure will set standards not only for esthetic procedures but medicine as a whole. With this treatment, it is possible to remove wrinkles and other signs of aging. Unlike many other medical interventions, filler treatment is a supplementation of natural matters. This makes it very natural, it results in minor side effects (if any) and substances used for the drug are easily absorbed by the body. All of this makes it an ideal cure.

Another important thing about fillers is the fact that they are temporary solutions. Six months is an average duration of filler. Some new medicines can remain even longer within a body. Temporary effect gives patients an option to try the treatment and quit doing it if they don’t like the results. However, have in mind that fillers only replenish natural matters. Because of this, patient will have the same facial features they had a few years ago. This is rejuvenation in its best form. Instead of changing natural complexion or altering lines, doctor only restores previous functionality of the skin. This makes it young, elastic and sensible once again. If the patient likes the results, he is can take additional shots after a while and prolong the effect of drug.

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