Review of Entertain Like A Texas Gentleman by David Harap

Entertain Like A Texas Gentleman by David Harap is a men’s cookbook on steroids aimed at the guy who does not cook like one. A Texan gentleman cooks for family and friends, he knows good food when he see’s it and he can stuff an apple, glaze a carrot and stack ribs in the broiler better than anyone he knows. His food tastes amazing and he is able to create new recipes with ease.

David Harap designed the cookbook to be for any man, a bachelor, a husband, a father or entertainer. There are no pictures in this book but the recipes are so detailed that you get a vivid picture as soon as you start to read a recipe. The ingredients required in most of the recipes are easy to find and the wording is straight forward “stir an egg” “Cut the chicken into strips”; these are easy to understand for an intermediate cook.

If you have a man on your gift list this year then Entertain Like A Texas Gentleman could be the perfect gift for him. The book would be great for husband who loves to cook gourmet food or just starting out in the kitchen, and there are plenty of recipes to entertain the boys at game night or classier party.

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