Best Buy Legrand In Wall Power Kit
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Power Made Easy With Legrand In Wall Power Kit at Best Buy

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Best Buy Legrand In Wall Power Kit

I have been wanting to have a cordless tv for some time now. I envisioned my flat screen hanging on the wall without a cord in site. You know, looking all pretty and presentable. I gave up on that dream a long time ago but I recently had my dream fulfilled by a Best Buy project and I want to share the great news with you!

You see, I never imagined there would be a device that would hide the cords without having to hassle with electrical components and that seemed like something I should leave to an Electrician.

This DIY project using Legrand in Wall Power Kit was so easy your husband could probably accomplish it without GASP…reading the directions…

Best Buy Legrand In Wall Power Kit

In all honesty we did read the directions because well, we are cutting into the wall and that is pretty permanent. It needs to look good and not be noticeable once the flat screen is mounted.

If you are still not sure what I am talking about see this video

The project included everything we needed for a quick and effortless 3 part installation. The kit includes a specially shaped saw with handle to allow you to cut holes that are then covered with special grommets that are also provided. Fish tape is also provided in the kit and we found it really made a difference for the task of feeding the cords from one hole to the next. The kit also includes a 54” power harness and a 6’ cord.

If you’ve been thinking about having a cordless wall I say go for it. It is super easy and took us less than 30 minutes to complete. All the equipment is provided in the Legrand – In Wall Power Kit

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