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How many dollars did you pay towards your electricity bill last month? With the the increase to pretty much everything now days, everyone is looking for different ways to save some money. One of the best ways to save money on a tight budget is by reducing your electricity bill. If you have been wondering why your electricity bill is always high every month, then you will probably want to read my ways to save on electricity bill. I have lived in the same apartment for 5 years now and our electricity company has told us we are paying about 35% less than what the previous tenant was paying.


frugal savings tips

Switch off the lights when they are not use

This sounds obvious, but most people say they forget to turn off lights in different parts of their homes and this really adds up fast. Kids are the most likely target for this rule. They forget and they don’t always care that mom or dad are trying to reduce costs because they don’t get it. Remind them on a daily basis until it becomes a habit.

Unplug electronics and appliances when they are not being used

Electronic gadgets and appliances draw electricity even when they have been turned off. So unplug them from their sockets when they aren’t in use. Things to unplug when not home include all TV’s, charging cords, hair appliances, water heater, stove, microwave, lamps, space heaters that aren’t in use, air conditioners, toys that are plugged into an outlet, facial equipment, electric razors and toothbrushes, and anything else that isn’t being used. A rule of thumb is to plug these items in WHEN THEY NEED TO BE USED and them promptly unplug them.

Use candles in the evening instead of lights
It does not make sense to turn on lights when you are not doing something that requires much light. Candles are cheaper and produce enough light. You can purchase candles from the local stores or online. They don’t have to be fancy candles but make sure you are also thinking about your health. Choose soy or beeswax over very low cost ones since the cheaper ones leave a residue in the air that you can breathe in.

Replace your air conditioner with a fan

An air conditioner and a fan play the same role. However, an air conditioner consumes more energy. Save the air conditioner for peak summer days, and use a fan the rest of summer. If you do this you will see an almost immediate decrease in your electric bill. This is probably #1 for ways to save on electricity bill

We use adjustable fans in our bedrooms. They are worth every dollar

Thaw your frozen foods in your refrigerator before you cook them

This action will help save on the energy bills because you will not have to use extra cooking time and microwave to prepare your foods. Although it appears like a small thing, every little change helps save. If you really want to cut your bills this is just one of the many ways to save money on a tight budget.

Configure your computer to the hibernate or sleep mode when not in use

If you are still using a desktop computer it is a major electricity hog. Shut it completely down at night if possible. If not possible then you need to hibernate it or place it in sleep mode when not in use.

Keep the oven door shut

When you keep opening your oven door as you cook, it has to work extra hard to bring the initial temperature back up. It will consume more energy when you keep opening it, and its an unnecessary thing when you have a oven window.  Only open the door when you are sure that the food is ready to be served.

Use a toaster to prepare smaller meals

It does not make sense to use a full size oven when cooking a meal for one person. A toaster consumes less energy compared to an oven and it can be used to prepare amazing and delicious foods.

This one is a best seller on Amazon, and has great reviews

Turn off the break box during the summer

During the summer season, you should think about turning off the breaker box that controls the heat. When you leave for vacation turn all of the breaker lights off and all of the power except the ones that control the fridge. It seems to be a simple acts that most people ignore but it can help you to pay less over time.

Only use your dishwasher, washer, and dryer to clean full loads

Using your dishwasher, washer or dryer to clean full loads instead of small amounts is another effective way of saving money that can help reduce your overall bill throughout the year. All of these small changes add up overtime.

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