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Tips for Engaging Children During a School Break With Peppy Pals

This post is brought to you by our assistant, Jess Lee of Jess Lee Writes. Jess writes most of our baby content. We are partnering up with Peppy Pals to bring you a recap of their newest app features. All opinions are our own. 

My children were on spring break this week! While it’s a nice break for everyone, it’s also tough to find a new groove for just that week. Since my husband works retail, we are not able to go away for the break. Instead, we stay at home and do a few day trips and have some lazy days! I wanted to share some ways in which I have been engaging my kids this week.

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iPad- We have an iPad and it was the best investment I’ve made when it comes to teaching educational things to my kids and allowing them to have fun. I have found some awesome apps that we downloaded this week for my kids! Since I’ve downloaded them all of my kids have taken turns playing the apps.

  • Peppy Pals Farm, $3.99
  • Peppy Pals Beach, $4.99
  • Reggie’s Play Date, $1.99

These apps are all really cool because they children don’t even know that they are learning while they are playing. Peppy Pals are unisex gaming apps, so there’s focus on whether it’s a boy’s app or a girl’s app, which I appreciate because I have 3 boys! It’s hard to find an app that’s not focused on just girlie stuff.

I have a 3-year-old and a 7-year-old, so finding apps that they both can enjoy is hard. Peppy Pals actually uses no text or language, so anyone can play it and have fun! The bottom line of Peppy Pals apps is that it teaches kids social and emotional skills. Kids learn this through role playing and humor.

This was probably our favorite! It was so much fun playing with Reggy. There are tons of toys and surprises for Reggie and for the player of the game. I heard lots of giggles and fun happening with Reggy’s Play Day!

My kids enjoyed playing this so much! We don’t get to go to the beach often, so I think they enjoyed it even more. They loved that the animal friends showed emotions and their unique personalities! I’d say my kids’ emotional intelligence is really getting nurtured.

And last, but not least, we also loved Peppy Pals! Being on a farm is already a lot of fun, but when it’s Peppy Pals Farm, it’s a TON of fun! There’s no text or language and all of my kids enjoyed it! Peppy Pals Farm consists of three core elements: emotional intelligence (EQ), role-playing, and humor. As a parent, I could see all 3 of my kids learning these core elements!


View all of the Peppy Palls trailers right on YouTube!

More About Peppy Pals

The digital game studio, Peppy Pals, was founded in Sweden by Rosie Linder in 2013. With two daughters growing up in the digital era, Rosie had a dream to create a high-quality children’s games that was both entertaining and educational. Rosie partnered with the award-winning game developer, Talawa Games, with the aim of creating a fun, interactive app that taught children valuable lessons in emotional intelligence.Peppy Pals is award winning, and the goal of the Peppy Pals team is to create a better world and improve society. Research shows that EQ can be taught and mastering these social skills can help children stay out of trouble and increases their academic skills and future successes as adults.



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