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Send Flowers Review of “All My Rosy Love” Bouquet

I had the wonderful opportunity to try Send Flowers, a company that specializes in making your moment special with the perfect flower arrangement. I think that this send flowers review is important considering the item I received wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I dare say I was a little disappointed.

They work with hundreds of florists around the United States. You order the arrangement you want from them and they have a florist in your area deliver. I received a Valentine arrangement called All My Rosy Love Bouquet which consists of 8 Red Roses, Purple Alstroemeria, Purple Monte Casino, and a glass vase with a bow. My arrangement was missing the bow and a rose.

The arrangement I received was gorgeous and I do love flowers, especially roses. When I received the flower arrangement it hadn’t fully bloomed out yet which is fine because that meant it would bloom out and hopefully last a little longer than the flowers I get at Safeway. Or so I thought…

I received my arrangement on a Friday evening and the flowers were really pretty. It was a gorgeous arrangement but it was not that full and didn’t exactly look like the arrangement I was supposed to receive. I was asked to do this send flowers review so that my readers would experience what its like to receive a bouquet using their service. It contained all the flowers but was missing a rose and a bow. It wasn’t very full. But I did not care because the flowers were very pretty and I did not feel that missing one rose, a bow, or that it wasn’t very full warranted a call to the company.

Also, I don’t think that someone receiving flowers is going to know or maybe just not notice that a rose is missing when it isn’t supposed to be a full dozen. So for me, missing a rose didn’t seem like a big deal at all. It was definitely sparse though.

send flowers reviews

This is the bouquet that I was chosen to review

send flowers reviews
Photo Credit: Send Flowers

So as you can see from the two pictures, the flowers I received is the first picture above and the second is the company photos of the bouquet I would receive. Both look similar but mine it just not that full. To me it isn’t a huge deal but it might be for someone that orders a specific arrangement for a specific reason, such as a wedding or anniversary date. I felt that I had no choice but to mention this in my send flowers review. I would want to know if I were looking online for send flowers reviews.

My REAL issue with the company came when on Sunday my bouquet started looking like this…

5 of the roses were wilted and the purple Monto Casino dried up. There was plenty of water in the vase, so it was not my negligence of not watering them. I did not cut the stems, and another blogger stated that you are supposed to, so it is possible that I am partly to blame. For a company that sells this bouquet for $65.99 I would have expected the flowers to last more than 2 days. The care instructions were blank anyway so I had no idea I needed to change the water daily or cut the stems.

By Monday the flower arrangement was pretty much toast, so I emailed Send Flowers to ask them what I could do. As a blogger, I am supposed to compose a thorough send flowers review of the product and had every intention of mentioning the dead flowers but wanted to give the company a chance to respond but they ignored my email. So I sent a second email on Wednesday and still did not hear back. It’s been a week and no answer to my email. I also tried calling the company directly but they said I should email my contact because the customer service agent had no idea what I was even talking about. Because of the lack of communication on Send Flower’s part I was left with no choice but to give my review as is. The company offered no fix for my dead flowers.

I do want to mention that the dead flowers is not completely Send Flowers responsibility. The company works as a gateway for customer to florist, and the florist who created my arrangement should have sent me a flower arrangement that would live more than 2 days. Since I am not reviewing the florist in question I will not reveal them but I definitely won’t ever use them. The fact that Send Flowers never responded to me and they offer a satisfaction guarantee is troublesome though.

If you would like to try Send Flowers for yourself they are offering my readers a coupon for $10 off your order. Use promo code 10save at checkout.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  • Liberty Boblett

    I had a good laugh while reading your review! Your flowers looked nothing like the picture, but it was still a very pretty bouquet. Regardless of cutting the ends, it should have lasted more than two days…I think you did pretty much all you could have done…LOL

  • Jennie

    I too tried not to laugh when I red your post. I just had my first and last experience with send I placed a same day order – not only did it not arrive these,e day, once my 16 year old niece did receive it, it did not look ANYTHING like what I had ordered – not even going to mention that what ordered was a deluxe and what they delivered was less than the simple design. I was so embarrassed that the recipient actually thought this is what ordered. If I was a betting person, will be shocked if they are still in business in a year. I do not typically post complaints, but this w hands down the worse online ordering experience I have ever experienced.

  • susan

    I ordered the deluxe super sweet snack gift basket with an additional 3 mylar balloons. Total with delivery came out to 72.00! The recipient sent me a pic and said, “It’s trail mix in a wierd basket.”…”attached to the wierd basket was a single mylar balloon.” (not the 3 that I ordered and paid for @ 5.00 ea). The basket was to contain a wide assortment of candies, at least, according to the picture.
    Needless to say, I was very embarrassed. Ended up spending another 50.00, on another gift, to try and cover up something that was no fault of mine.
    Called Send Flowers and asked for a refund, as the ad mentioned a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Long story short, they could only offer me a refund on the balloons, 25% off, and a 20.00 credit, which I swear I will NEVER use because I will NEVER order through them again. So I still end up paying 43.00 for “trail mix in a wierd basket”. DO NOT ORDER through Send Flowers! I have to agree with
    you, Jenny, that “it was the worse online ordering experience I have ever experienced!

    • admin

      You should do a charge back on your credit card. Contact your bank and ask them how. It’s things like this that makes the ability to do a charge back justified. I am so sorry that happened to you!

  • Jorge

    I have ordered flowers for my wife 7 days on advance, paid $91.00 for it and flowers were not delivered, I wanted to surprise my wife and the surprised was myself when after waiting all day flowers never came and I looked like stupid in front of my wife, it was all I had for her as a Valentine’s present, I am still trying to get my money back, and they say that need a confirmation of (order not delivered) from florist but florist still does not contact the main office to give confirmation of not delivered, so I am trying to get my money back through PayPal since my payment was with my PayPal account, but still will take about 10 days for PayPal to get a resolution, on few words IT’S A PAIN.

    • admin

      If this is not resolved you need to file a complaint with your bank. The bank will put a dispute in and you will eventually get your money back. I’m so sorry that happened to you 🙁

  • Vicki Turner

    I ordered flowers for my daughter’s birthday…She NEVER received them! I am so mad! I put in a dispute to my bank so hopefullyI will get my money back!

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