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5 Blade Herb Scissors #SelectCulinary


Is eating healthier part of your new year’s resolution each year? Why not make 2015 the year you accomplish it.  Worried of the mess you create each time you chop herbs? If the answer is yes to any of the above, this product is for you! Our premium quality herb shears could put a full stop to all the above issues. This herb scissors with five blades are loved by people around the globe, so why shouldn’t you give it a try? Read the features section to get an idea on the specialties of our kitchen and garden snip tool. Emily’s Frugal Tips received a pair to try out and give our feedback. My family loves the herb scissors. My husband likes to use them to chop the fresh herbs for his famous salsa. i just love to have fresh herbs around all of the time so these scissors come in handy.

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Herbs are a vital part of any good dish, providing a lovely decoration and a delicious flavor to whatever food they’re used with. They are great to use in homemade soups, salsas and on top of fresh meat. The Select Culinary™ 5-Blade Herb Scissors is a set of five stainless steel blades on the body of a scissor, allowing you to effortless start snipping, cutting, and chopping in no time at all. A simple snip with this is equal to five chops with a normal knife. These herb scissors five blade are equipped with a cleaning comb that works as a protective guard and can easily free any herbs stuck to the steel. Whether you’re looking for something to help out in the garden, or to mince vegetables and herbs in record time right in the kitchen, these herb scissors with a cleaning comb are the best herb cutters you’ll ever find.

Purchase Select Culinary 5-Blade Herb Scissors – Stainless Steel Multi Blade Shears, Herb Cutter for $14.99, on sale.

As you already now Amazon prices do change and this item is on sale. If you get it today it will be $14.99 but if you wait you might end up paying full price which is $19.99

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