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Celebrate National Iced Tea Month With Saladas Iced Teas and Red Rose Teas

If you have been following of my blog since the beginning then you already know that I am a tea snob. I am tea obsessed. I have pretty much every tea brand sold in the stores. I recently came across two brand I had not tried before. Since it’s National Iced Tea month I thought it would be fun to feature some tea on the blog.


A little history about Americans and tea

You may believe the false claims that Americans are coffee drinkers but in reality we fought for the right to drink our tea and not go broke. Do you remember the Boston Tea Party acts?  Throwing the tea into the bay was the start towards the  path to the American Revolution, it’s what moved us towards the fight for independence from the British! Today, every major grocery store has an isle dedicated to tea and coffee. If you notice, the tea sections is as big or if not larger than the coffee isle. There’s a reason for that 🙂


Iced tea has been served in America since for as long as america as been independent.  There’s two traditional types of sweet iced tea, the difference is one has no sugar. The southerners like their iced tea  “sweetened” with sugar, the rest of the United States prefers there’s black and unsweetened.

Salada Teas

Salada’s tea has been in business since the 1850’s. They believe in sustainable agriculture and their tea is harvested ethically. Saladas Tea’s message is to grow healthy crops that are picked ethically and help the economy of that region. I got to try 3 varieties of iced tea: Black tea Citrus Grove, Black tea Berry Patch and Green Tea Raspberry.  Out of the three teas I tried by Salada I liked the the two black teas the best. Black tea has more flavor in my opinion and is stronger.

check out Salada’s article on proper hydration and how unsweetened tea can help here

Red Rose Teas



Red Rose Tea is my favorite go to tea now. We have a Chinese restaurant down the road from us that has the most delicious tea ever. I haven’t been able to figure out what it is and they won’t say. I think I now know it’s Red Rose Tea because it is identical in taste. It has to be it!
The story of Red Rose tea is an interesting one if you like history. Red Rose Company was born in Brunswick in 1890. They first started selling their teas in Canada and eventually branched out into the US. It all started with a single tea shop and has grown into a international company.


Red Rose teas has recently started selling specialty teas for Keurig machines. I had the opportunity to try two different boxes of them: Vanilla Biscotti and Cinnamon Bun. Each box contains 12 individualized K cups and are as delicious as they sound! the K cups weren’t weak like some of the K cups I’ve had in tea instead of coffee. We also got to try the original Red Rose blended bagged tea. The original tea is single bags of blended black tea. Each box of original Red Rose tea has a little trinket inside. There are 12 trinkets that you can collect. I received the  treasure chest which is fitting since we have a treasure chest full of teas for this review 🙂

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