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Rudolph’s Pork Rinds – Chicharonnes Review

pork rinds

My family recently had the opportunity to try Rudolph’s Pork Rinds. Now, as most of you know, my husband is Hispanic and pork rinds or as they like to call them in Spanish, chicharrones, a main snack food back home and still is here.
We were given 4 bags total: hot & spicy, original, chile & lime, bold & spicy BBQ. He likes to eat his with hot sauce even when the bag already says “hot & spicy”, so it was not a surprise to me when I saw him reaching for the tapatio sauce when he opened the first bag of Rudolph’s pork rinds in the hot & spicy flavor. His favorite of the 4 bags was the hot &spicy and the chile & lime flavors. He did not care for the bold & spicy BBQ flavor, complaining that they weren’t spicy at all. Personally, the bold & spicy BBQ flavor is my favorite of them all.

Rudolph’s has been around a long time, since the 1950’s and while looking at the ingredients list, since I am not supposed to be eating these, I noticed that one, there are no carbs so I didn’t kill my diet too much on that front but also I can understand what’s on the label. That’s not to say that these pork rinds are healthy for you, you definitely don’t want to be making these a regular occasion but as treat or snack they are pretty tasty and would also be a good item to bring to a picnic this summer.

For my husband though, he’d more than likely be taking these with him to eat during his fishing trips with his buddies. There’s nothing better than good spicy junk food, fishing poles and friendship to keep you company!

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