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Sign Up for Opinion Outpost – My Mom Made $793 With Them

opinion outpost2My mother, Kimberly has made over $793 in one year with Opinion Outpost. Here is her tips and information on this awesome program.

Opinion Outpost sends a lot of surveys and free product reviews. Each survey is .50 cents up to $5.00. Each survey is between 5 minutes and 45 minutes long with most being between 5 and 20 minutes long.  Product reviews include anything from lotion, shampoo, food, diapers, cereal, lunchables, cookies, microwavable dinners, paper towels and more.

You do not have to do each survey or partake in the product reviews. If you do participate in the product reviews they are always confidential so you are never allowed to discuss what you have received, such as a certain brand of product.

To sign up for Opinion Out post you can go do it here.

If you are male sign up here for their mens program.



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