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LockerGlitz Review & #Giveaway

My daughter loves to be unique and have things that no one else will have so when she was offered the chance to review LockerGlitz, a magnetic wall covering made especially for lockers, she jumped at the chance. The package arrived quickly and I was surprised at how heavy the package was. I was expecting flimsy plastic wallpaper like the type you purchase to cover a wall, but when I removed the pieces from the tube I discovered they are thick magnetized sheets.


You get 4 pieces of wall covering, enough to completely cover a locker. The pieces roll up easily and leave no creases or folds when you unroll them. They install easily by hanging them directly onto the wall you wish to cover. the pieces are also reusable, so if you want to change your locker’s appearance you can do so without any trouble, just remove and replace with the new pattern. Since my daughter has not started the new school year yet I did not have a locker to take photos with so I used my fridge; you can see the photo below. The fridge did it’s job and the locker pieces stayed put, they did not fall down or move around which leads me to believe it will be the same when it’s actually installed into a locker.

The Locker Glitz pieces stayed up on fridge perfectly  and weren’t hard to install at all; my fridge also got a fashion makeover. To install the LockerGlitz  just unroll the pieces and place them onto a metal wall or door. Each LockerGlitz piece is 12”x36” and should fit most standard lockers but in case they are too long for your locker you can easily cut them down to size with a utility knife.

My daughter’s reaction to the locker covering was priceless. She says that once her friends see her locker they will be begging for the information to get one for themselves. She also said that I did a great job picking out the pattern. Truth be told though, It was extremely hard to choose one because the company has so many patterns to choose from. I am just thankful that my daughter is happy with the pattern I chose.

You can see the one we bought installed in this picture above. It’s called Wild Side and retails for $35.99. It’s a blue and white Zebra like print.

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