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Snappy Socks Review

Ever accuse your spouse of stealing your socks? I know right, dang thief. But then you find that missing pair behind the washing machine and say darn now I feel kind of guilty for having yelled at him…Or perhaps your kid has lost one too many socks and you’re imagining a sock fairy sneaking into their room late at night, stealing her last pair.  

Well, I found a sock that will change all of that.  Snappy Socks, no more missing socks, no more thieves and no more thinking you’ve lost your marbles because the sock you just had has disappeared, yet again…This sock right here is unique; it has snaps to keep the socks together. You can wash them snapped together and the snaps won’t fall of, become rusted or melt. The snaps stay in place in the washing machine and I did not notice any fading. It is pretty cool…


The price for an adult pair of Snappy Socks is $5.99. I guess it’s not a bad price if you already purchase socks by the pair at prices like this but I am a deals blogger and you know I don’t pay $6 for a single pair of socks.  The children’s pair is a bit better at $3.99. 

If you are constantly losing socks then Snappy Socks might be for you. They are pretty cute and come in lots of different patterns. The sample that was sent to me was a size 9-11 but didn’t fit me because, well, I have boats for feet and larger ankles, but they did fit my daughter who has size 7 feet. She said they are soft and comfortable to wear. She likes to wear them to bed with her pj’s. These socks are made for infants to adults in both men and women styles. 


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