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Five Unique and Money-Saving Gemstones

You’ve heard of amethyst, but have you heard of green amethyst? What about pink topaz or smokey quartz? While stones like these may not be the most familiar picks, they shouldn’t be missed! Semiprecious gemstones that aren’t quite household names can provide a wide range of eye-catching and sophisticated looks to unique gemstone rings at relatively low prices. Here are five money-saving gemstones that are a little of the beaten path, but more than worth taking a look at.

pink topaz

Pink topaz

The brightest gemstone of this bunch, pink topaz is next to impossible to ignore. With a vibrant pink sparkle, this stone is simultaneously ladylike and sophisticated, and it has a fun-loving personality that allows it to give a wide range of rings a fresh pop of personality. The bright hue of this gem seems to capture the essence of girlhood dreams and render it completely grown up, while leaving its sense of wonder intact.

Smokey quartz

The name of this understated gemstone is a fitting description of its soft glittering hue. Like curls of smoke rising from an autumn campfire, the grayish brown glimmer of this stone is subdued yet captivating, and is possess a sense of class that’s hard to deny. This versatile stone is incredibly sophisticated and its one-of-a-kind hue complements warm and cool colors alike.

White topaz

At first glance, white topaz may be mistaken for a diamond; however, while this gem is an excellent stand-in for the classic colorless stone, it’s not just a diamond alternative! This stone has a unique beauty all its own that makes it a perfect pick for anyone looking for a timeless look with a subtle twist. With an appearance that ranges from transparent to translucent, this subtle stone is incredibly versatile and always elegant.

Green amethyst

This cool glittering gem gives a completely different look to the timelessly regal amethyst. Its soft green sparkle is both soothing and refreshing, making it a lovely stone for pairing with summer styles. With a gentle allure, this gem slowly draws the eye and holds it with its mesmerizing hue.

London blue topaz

London blue topaz is the darkest variety of blue topaz, and its dramatic hue makes it one that you won’t soon forget. The rich indigo sparkle this stone is reminiscent of that of a sapphire, but its price tag is significantly lower. The deeply-saturated, never steely tone of this stone makes it an eye-catching and sophisticated accent.

Although these gems aren’t quite as easy to find as stones such as aquamarine or garnet, these finds are worth searching out. Apples of Gold Jewelry is a great place to look; this online jewelry retailer carries rings, pendants and earrings featuring these and several other unique and money-saving gemstones, giving you many colorful and affordable options. And, since they make their jewelry available to customers at prices that are significantly lower than retail, these unique gemstone pieces can be extra wallet-friendly. Try an out-of-the-ordinary gemstone for beauty that you don’t see every day at an extraordinary price.


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